Monday, August 8, 2016

Gen 5 Ch 3.5: The Empress of Evil

Hidden Springs had always been known as an quaint little town in the mountains.

It had been an idyllic refuge for the wealthy and a quiet place to live for those lucky enough to count themselves among its residents.

Hidden Springs was one of those towns where nothing ever happened and sims could live simple, content lives.

One woman had changed all of that.

On her rise to power, Dolores Smart-Gordon had systematically taken over the local crime syndicate, government, and authorities.

The Empress of Evil, as she was known, had taken residence right in the middle of town, in a newly erected mansion overlooking the main square.

It was an odd amalgam of highly advanced technology and unicorn-themed memorabilia.

The horned beast was always by her side.

Following this creature's instructions from a young age on, Dolores had realized a plan that had been long in the making.

With her invention, she had managed to take away this town's weather. There was no more rain, no more snow - only never ending sunshine.

Her daily calibrations of the machine were terrifying to behold.

Trent, her companion and the father of her four children, had stayed by her side. Inwardly, he might not have agreed with her evil-doings, but he had never taken any action.

Even after all these years, his gaze spoke only of loving devotion. It was probably the safest course to take with a woman who would not be crossed.

In her old age, Dolores was finally able to fulfill a promise she had made to herself long ago. She had given up trying to incinerate the statue in the town square - it was a task that simply could not be accomplished. Instead, she used her unparalleled influence over the authorities of this town to have it finally torn down.

A statue of her own likeness, made of unmelting ice was erected in its stead.

Because of Dolores, Hidden Springs remained under a sunny sky, year in, year out.
Perpetually cheery weather might not seem like too much of an issue, and thanks to a steady supply of fresh water it truly wasn't.

In truth, most people believed that the whole plot had simply been a grand display of power. No one ever dared to ask her, of course. Sims in Hidden Springs now kept to themselves and lived quiet, cowering lives under the Empress' rule.

The Empress of Evil had left her mark on this quaint little town and its residents.

But all the power in the world was not enough to stop the passage of time.

Eventually, Dolores joined her ancestors on the plot of land once purchased by her great uncle.

 A large monument was erected in her memory.

 Trent even got a little corner all to himself.

Of course, many years after her passing, the sims of Hidden Springs slowly forgot their fears and spoke up to have the monument torn down. It was not a memory anyone wanted to be reminded of.

But rumors of a powerful creature guarding the site thwarted all attempts at destroying the monument.

And so it endured.

As did the statue in the town square.

For many years to come.


First time I'm taking pictures in a separate save! I had to give Dolores a proper send-off. She might have been horrible and terrifying, but I loved her :3


  1. What a great send-off for Dolores! TBH her evil reign doesn't sound that bad (other than the random fires and death, I suppose). I love her opulent gravesite!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, eternal cheery weather does sound pretty nice! Her evil reign isn't all that scary if you're smart enough to not stand right next to the fires... but alas, sims.

  2. RIP Dolores and Trent. It was neat to see her continuing shenanigans, and how Dancer keeps her memory alive.

    1. It's the least Dancer could do for her little minion Dolores! XD