Friday, November 17, 2017

Gen 7 Ch 7: Stellar Performance

After working hard to rebuild the house into a cozy home, Grace and Jamey continued to work just as hard on building up their careers.

With her impressive grades and letters of recommendation from various professors, it had been a cinch for Grace to find a renowned director to take her under his wing. For now her tasks mainly consisted of fetching coffee, but she gained invaluable insight into the inner workings of a movie production and couldn't wait to see her name come up in the end credits for the first time.

Not one to brag about her own achievements, Grace preferred to reiterate how proud she was of Jamey, whose recently published novel, The Man in the Ironic Mask had become an instant bestseller.

"Isn't he amazing," she repeated her rhetorical question at the breakfast table, "His editor said he might even be the next Aldousim Huxley. I mean, didn't you absolutely adore Jamey's book?"

Freddie, surprised at the sudden question and uncomfortably reminded of his school years, choked on a piece of his pop tart. He took the opportunity to extend the coughing fit, hoping that Grace might forget what she'd asked in the first place. When he looked up again after what he thought was a stellar performance, he was dismayed to find his daughter still smiling at him expectantly.

"Uhm, sure," he muttered finally. "I really liked the part with the... mask... yeah."

Luckily, Grace seemed satisfied with his answer and was now looking at Gene.

"Didn't read it," Gene said simply.


With everything going as swimmingly as it was, there was only one logical next step.

The moment was absolutely perfect, just as she had always imagined it. The sun sparkled in the ocean waves, slowly approaching the horizon, as the man of her dreams knelt before Grace, offering her a unique, yet elegant ring.

"Yes! Yes, of course, Jamey," Grace squealed and pulled him into a bear hug.

Grace could barely contain her excitement. She whipped out her cell and began calling everyone she knew to spread the great news.

The one person she wanted to talk to most, however, was not reachable by phone.

Gloria had already made it painfully clear that she didn't want any more distractions, and Grace had honored her sister's wishes to the best of her abilities. But this, she reasoned, was a suitable reason for an exception.

Grace was uncharacteristically nervous when she sat down with the prettiest stationery she could find and began to compose yet another letter to Gloria.

While Grace was busy writing, Jamey found himself in the hot tub with Fred and Gene.

Jamey had expected the experience to be unpleasant, especially when Freddie had decided to get into the tub without his swimming trunks. But as the three men sat in the bubbling water there were no probing questions or aggressive testosterone-fueled threats about not hurting daughters or sisters.

“It’s cool,” Gene said.

“Grace always knows what’s best,” Freddie confirmed. “And even if we don’t know each other that well, she chose you. So you’re welcome to the family.”


After his future-father-in-law's kind words, Jamey felt it was obligatory to invite him to his bachelor party. He breathed a huge sigh of relief when Freddie declined though.

It would just be Jamey, his brother Jermey, his cousin Derrik and his friend Nathan--and the night would be that much more fun for it.

They watched the party dancer from a polite distance for a while...

... then began to chug down drink after drink.

The barkeeper made sure to keep the juice flowing and soon Jamey and Jermey were giggling like little school girls.

"She's totes checking you out," Jamey encouraged his older brother. "Go and get 'er number!"

"No way," Jermey whispered, glancing timidly over his shoulder. "You go get it for me!"

Emboldened by drink and with the best of intentions, Jamey approached the dancer. "'ave you met my broth--hic-- my brother Jermey?"

"Germy?" She wrinkled her nose. "Ew. Is he contagious?"

Jamey chortled.

"You're cute though," the dancer said as she casually brushed her fingers over Jamey's shoulder.

Jamey blushed, and with his juice-blurred mind, found himself unable to form a coherent reply. He just continued to giggle.

Unfortunately, Jermey had heard the exchange and rushed in to confront his brother.

"I bet your wife is going to find this verrry interesting," he taunted. "Want me to tell her or will you?"

"She's not my wife yet," Jamey barked. "And besides, I didn't do anything!"

The barkeeper, having years of experience dealing with sims under the influence of juice, could smell a fight from a mile away. He acted quickly, telling the juiced bachelors that the bar was closing and they had to head home.

The sun was already high in the sky when Jamey crawled into bed next to Grace.


Did I tell you that Jamey picked up the Irresistible trait for his graduation? Well, his brother Jermey wasn't too happy about that. Also, Jamey and Jermey?? Really?! I know, it's crazy, but the game actually did that by itself. Sims ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I can't believe the last update was in July! I really missed writing these and reading all your kind comments! I hope you're well <3

And for those who follow it, there's an update on Pleasant Oaks Asylum as well! The end is in sight :O