Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gen 1 Ch 1: Chaos Theory

Generation 1

Arthur Wyman
A. Family Structure: Couple
B. Number of Children: 4
C. Primary Income: Law Inforcement - Forensics
D. Secondary Income: Freelance Scientist
E. Generation Goal: The Opportunist
F. Miscellaneous Fun:  My Precious

Arthur had never been one of the 'cool kids', and he had never cared either. He valued the pursuits of the mind and always lived by the rules, which is why his life's wish was to become an accomplished forensic analyst in the police force.

There were times, however, when Arthur wished that he could be as carefree as the other students at Sims University. He simply couldn't muster up the courage to talk to the new girl in his dorm, and he hated himself for it.

Hoping to get his mind off of this embarrassing inability to strike up a conversation, Arthur exercised vigorously. From what he had heard, the police even required their forensic analysts to be in top shape.
After a while it began to work! Arthur's mind drifted to long-forgotten childhood memories of his grandfather, a great scholar, who had sparked Arthur's own interest in science.
"Stay curious, Arthur, and take every opportunity that is offered to you. Once you reach my age, you will only ever regret the opportunities you did not take."

After the first lecture of the following day, Arthur caught sight of the girl and his grandfather's words echoed in his mind once more. So, swallowing the big lump that had formed in his throat, Arthur gathered all his courage and went to introduce himself to the girl.

Her name was Kaitlin Kim and she was the most bubbly, excitable person Arthur had ever met. He had always thought of himself as someone who preferred talking to other quiet people, but Kaitlin's enthusiasm was infectious and utterly fascinating to Arthur.

"So how about you ask me out on a date?", she giggled. Arthur was smitten.

They sat and talked for hours. Kaitlin studied Science and Medicine and was incredibly curious to know more about Arthur's major Technology.
 "Ack! I just couldn't decide between the two when I enrolled! I ended up picking Science and Medicine because, well it's Science AND Medicine! I figured I would get to do the most stuff there. You HAVE to let me take a look at your books though!"
 Arthur almost felt overwhelmed by Kaitlin's constant exuberance. But for some reason he was very comfortable around her and found himself telling her about his grandfather's advice.
 "Well, of course you need to take every opportunity! That is excellent advice! I live by it. You should too!", she smiled. "In fact, I have another opportunity for you right here - I heard about a party at the fraternity tonight. Why don't you come meet me there later?"

The only 'parties' Arthur had been to during his college life so far had been awkward formal hot dog dinners with one of his professors.

So that evening, Arthur hopped on his bike and made his way to the fraternity house, a place he would normally have avoided like the plague.

When he arrived, he awkwardly made his way past a juice keg surrounded by a bunch of jocks that eyed him suspiciously. He found Kaitlin in the basement, playing juice pong with a vampire, who grinned mischievously when he saw Arthur.
"Hey nerd, are you lost or something?", he hissed though pointy fangs.
Arthur was immediately flustered, tried to stammer a response and was about to leave again, when Kaitlin turned around and walked toward him with a bright smile.

Before he knew what was happening, Kaitlin wrapped Arthur in her arms and kissed him. She tasted like juice - obviously she had not been winning this game of juice pong - but Arthur didn't mind. For a moment, nothing else existed for Arthur besides Kaitlin.

All too soon, reality came flooding back in. The reality of a party at which Arthur felt completely out of place. The reality of a very drunk Kaitlin. Arthur tried to persuade her to let him take her back to the dorm, but she wouldn't hear of it.
"Oh come on Arthur, stay and have a drink! Or two... heehee! No? Aww... Well, I'm staying, the night is young after all!"
With that, she skipped off to watch fascinatedly as one of the other inebriated guests plucked at some guitar strings. Arthur couldn't help but worry about Kaitlin's safety as he turned to leave. Was this really the right girl for him?

He would only learn much later about her crazy antics all throughout that night.

But when she silently crawled into bed with him in the wee hours of the morning, all his worries were forgotten.


  1. "The only 'parties' Arthur had been to during his college life so far had been awkward formal hot dog dinners with one of his professors."

    Hahahaha, it's sad I relate to this, isn't it? xD

    Seems like a couple of new legacies started while I was gone. I'll be catching up slowly.

    I like Arthur and Kaitlin a lot so far. I can't decide if he or Kaitlin or both are your founders... guess I'll have to keep reading and see!

    1. I tried to tell everything solely from Arthur's point of view for the most part, but that gets old very quickly, so I abandoned that later on. Apart from that, I'm not sure if I actually ever made it clear who the founder is in the story. Since they were both created in CAS (randomized, but slightly modified), Kaitlin and Arthur felt equally important to me I guess. The official founder is Arthur though!

      Anyway, I'm not much of a writer, so thank for bearing with me and actually reading this stuff!

  2. Such a cute start! <3 I love how both of your founders (assuming they're the two in the couple roll) are geeky and how their jobs kinda make sense together ^-^

    I'll be making my way through your legacy, leaving a comment every so often (most likely at the appearance of babies because babies! <3)

    1. Yeah, I was pretty lucky with this generation's roll. It was fun playing with those geeks :D

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Until now I thought I had to sign up for wordpress to comment there, but now I see that I don't! So I'll be making my way through your legacy too, but starting with the very beginning on blogspot :)

  3. What a great start! I can't wait to find out more about Arthur! Lol - and apparently Miss Kaitlin cannot hold her liquor! I'm surprised Arthur wasn't more surprised when she slipped into his bed!!

    1. Oof yeah, I really should have gone into the weirdness of finding a girl in your bed all of the sudden! I blame my inexperience as a writer -- and the fact that I made the two of them a couple in CAS but then decided to write it differently :B

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment <3

  4. Aww! Arthur and Kaitlin make a cute couple. Just alike enough to get along, just different enough to keep things interesting and give things a spark.

    1. Hey, new reader! Thank you very much for taking the time to comment! Now I relize I got a bit sidetracked from catching up with the Sixkillers. Which is awesome, because that means I'll have another story to read now, yay :D

      I was so excited to roll two scientists for my first generation :D

  5. Haha, omg, your sims are too cute! I'm looking forward to catching up. Seems I have quite a lot to get through, but that's a good thing because I really like your writing style so far!

    1. Hey, thank you for reading and commenting! And thank you for the compliment too <3