Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Gen 1 Ch 4: Little Sprouts

Was it was purely scientific curiosity or was there a hint of motherly love in the way Kaitlin examined Bloom's tiny fingers?
"Quick, Arty, water the other specimen while I take care of this one here! Fascinating..."
Well, at least she didn't call him Subject B-13-whatever anymore.

Arthur spent the day in a haze, taking turns with Kaitlin cooing over the tiny little bundle of joy that had entered their life so unexpectedly. Was he a father now? Was Kaitlin a mother? Or was she simply a scientist, doing what was necessary to ensure a healthy specimen? He just couldn't be sure.

One thing he could be sure about was that he loved Kaitlin for her excitement when she harvested the other specimen the next day.

"Hello there, little one! Subject B-17... errr... We'll call you... Broccoli!", she cooed joyously.

Were they a real family now? Parents and children? Arthur still wasn't certain what they qualified as, but he was incredibly happy, which was all that mattered, he supposed.

The little PlantSims, as Kaitlin called them, didn't need any food or diaper changes. According to Kaitlin, they absorbed all the nutrients they needed from the humid air around them. For once, Arthur was glad for the almost constant layer of ankle-high fog in their rickety shack. All the little sprouts needed was attention - and a lot of it!

On the rare occasions when both Bloom and Broccoli were asleep, Kaitlin was fully devoted to her research again.

Arthur had completed his 'street experience' training and was finally allowed to join the police's forensics team. To celebrate, he prepared dinner that evening. Mac and Cheese was all he could cook - their usual diet of salads just seemed inappropriate with the two little sprouts sleeping in their cribs nearby.

Like so often, he ended up eating alone however, as Kaitlin was busy taking care of their sons - or specimens - he could never be sure with her.

Crawling into bed by himself after dinner, he wondered whether Kaitlin would spend her night in front of the computer again, procuring funds for her research in ways he didn't want to think about.

Not in his wildest dreams could he have imagined the adventure Kaitlin had that night!

But being her usual carefree self, Kaitlin was not deterred and seized the chance to finally make up for her only regret from her college years.

The days went by, with Arthur occupied by his work and Kaitlin immersed in her research. It was a welcome change of pace when Bloom grew into a cute little toddler!

"He looks just like you!", Kaitlin remarked, as she looked up from the notes she was scribbling frantically. "It seems I must have used that DNA sample I took from you back when we met..."
Arthur could not recall ever giving her any DNA samples voluntarily, but thought it best not to inquire further into this matter.

Caring for the babies was relatively easy. They still seemed perfectly content with the nutrients they absorbed through the humid air, and they never produced a single soiled diaper. Bloom had no idea what was expected of him when Arthur plopped him down on a baby potty he had bought. According to Kaitlin, they were able to use their nutrients much more efficiently than normal Sims and nothing went to waste.

"Can you say 'medical miracle'?"
Arthur was a proud daddy.

But even though the babies were so low-maintenance, Arthur barely got a chance to spend time with Kaitlin anymore. When she wasn't caring for the boys, she was pouring over her research notes or conducting new experiments.
One day chief of police needed someone to go to Egypt to retrieve some relics, and Arthur knew it was just what he had been waiting for. He jumped at the opportunity in the hopes of getting Kaitlin to come with him.

"Bloom, what do you think about Mommy and Daddy going on a trip?"
"Twip! Twip!"

Kaitlin was outraged at first. How could she leave her specimens - err, sons - alone at such a critical stage in their development? But Arthur was prepared. When teaching classes at the local high school he had met Rebekah, a responsible and scientifically-minded young woman, who also happened to be an experienced babysitter. After Kaitlin interviewed the teen for what seemed like hours, she finally relented and instructed Rebekah on how to document the boys' development.

Arthur knew the trepidation Kaitlin felt when they left for the airport. He felt it too, but at the moment, his joy outweighed any concerns. They would only be gone for a few days, after all.


  1. And I'll hug him and squeeze him and I shall call him.. Broccoli. xD

    Specimens, sons, family, maybe? Arthur might want to have a talk with Kaitlin to figure that one out.

    1. A little bit of all of those, I suppose! Kaitlin is a scientist through and through and will never be able to stop herself :)