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Gen 5 Ch 10: The F Words

 What Rémy loved most about their new house was its proximity to the ocean. He could simply skip down the steep cliff with a few well-aimed jumps and was right at the best diving spot in the area.

Evelyn enjoyed the karaoke machine the house had come with!

And of course, a new awesome pad called for an even more awesome party! Javed had reached the Elder stage a while back, and Emily had cut her hair short after becoming a fully mature adult.

Eric and Bridgette had finally given up trying and gotten divorced.

Bridgette was still one of Evelyn's oldest friends and showed up to drop off some cookies, then left again quickly. She and Eric were not on speaking terms after Bridgette had moved out and taken their youngest child, their daughter Starr, to live with her, while their two green-haired sons stayed with their father.

One of the guests brought these amazing chocolate gnomes as a housewarming gift!

None of the live show venues wanted to hire a heavily pregnant vocalist, so Evelyn was left with a lot of time on her hands.

This time off from work was a perfect chance to bother her older siblings some more. Esteban, now the mayor of Starlight Shores, was very excited to have another new niece of nephew soon. He had become quite the family man!

Rémy grinned from ear to ear when the baby was finally coming, but Evelyn's feelings were a little more mixed. This was her first pregnancy after all and she had no idea what to expect! Rémy's calm excitement only unnerved her more. Of course he could be happy - all he had to do within the next few hours was snip the umbilical cord, at most. She herself was in for indescribable agony...

 All went well in the end though. They brought home a pair of beautiful twin girls called Faye and Fleur, and when Evelyn's hormones had a chance to balance out a bit again, it was pure bliss.

Of course, this was cause for celebration! Esteban's daughter Rosalind (left) had grown into a fashionable teen, as had Quiana and Rashida (albeit a bit less fashionable). Rosalind, too, seemed to suffer from the genetic mutation that made her hair blonde instead of one of her parents' hair colors.

 They danced and sang karaoke until late into the night.

 Restless as he could be, Rémy snuck out after a while to go for a little late-night diving. He managed to catch lots of fish - that would make for a lovely meal!

 Coincidentally, this shark had exactly the same thought.

 Rémy just barely escaped with his life.

 Gasping for air, he returned to the surface.

 He rushed back up to the house and straight into Evelyn's arms.

"Rémy, what--"

 "It's nothing, ma chère. I just missed you."

He had children now. Responsibilities. He would slow down, stay put and rethink his priorities. No more rushing off whenever the thirst for adventure became too strong.

And all it had taken for that to sink in was a shark attack.

 After his near-death experience, Rémy thought it was time to reconnect with his globetrotting parents. Léa and Gaston Dutiel were only too happy to come to their granddaughters' birthday party!

The karaoke machine was always a big hit with everyone

Faye and Fleur were completely identical, except for their hair color. Faye had inherited Evelyn's brown and Fleur had Remy's reddish brown. They colors were close enough to each other as to be indistinguishable at first glance though, so they always dressed Faye in blues and Fleur in greens.

It didn't take long until little Francis joined the family!

Being so much younger than her older siblings herself, Evelyn wanted to make sure that all her children would be as close in age as possible, so they could all play together. And since Evelyn and Rémy both agreed that they wanted lots of babies to fill this gigantic new house, it was a very busy time for them.

Francis' age-up to toddler called for another party!

One of Evelyn's siblings was missing this time, however, and the reason was a serious one.

A while back, Emily and Javed had been able to afford moving to a much nicer house than their run-down starter home had been. It was a better place for their girls to grow up in.

However, their four daughters would have to grow up without a father now.

Javed had passed away from old age only hours ago.

The girls were still in shock.

Emily was inconsolable.

She had hoped to have at least another child with Javed, but he was snatched away from her far too soon.

Emily talked to Evelyn's growing baby bump for a bit, before breaking down in tears again.

There were no words that could ease the pain.

"Oh, chérie, is it time again?"

How could he always stay this calm?!!

They brought home another baby boy and named him Félix.

All their children were perfectly healthy, but soon after reaching the toddler stage, Francis was diagnosed with the same condition his cousin Rashida had. A genetic mutation - harmless, but causing unexpected hair colors that did not run in the family.

Francis was a bright boy, however, and loved books above all else.

His older sisters usually had to be coaxed into showing an interest in learning.

Both Rémy and Evelyn had been putting their careers aside for a long while by now, but they didn't miss working. Their days were too full of giggling toddlers and dirty diapers to even notice.

As photogenic and cute as the twins were, and with Evelyn's celebrity status, it did not take long for casting directors to approach the family about having them star in small roles for TV and films. As long as it did not strain the little girls too much, their parents consented. Faye and Fleur seemed to really enjoy all the extra attention!

Was there yet another addition to the Dutiel family in there?

By the time Félix' birthday rolled around, Emily and her daughters were slowly getting over their grief. They were still a bit subdued, but Evelyn and Rémy did their best to lighten the mood.

Félix was the first of the children to favor his father's genetics over his mother's. And luckily, he was spared the genetic mutation that now worried Evelyn more than the possibility of her mother's green hair being passed down.

The twins aged up on the same day that Félix did.

Still close to perfectly identical, the two of them stuck to the color code their parents had established. Faye always wore blues, while Fleur preferred greens.

Their birthday gift was a newly furnished room all for themselves! For some reason Rémy could not understand, Evelyn was less than happy about the unicorn plushie that Léa and Gaston had sent for their granddaughters. But seeing how much the girls loved it, she had no choice but to ignore it. It was their room, after all.

 The twins even had their own private bathroom, decorated in their favorite colors - lime and aqua.

Having already been born with somewhat of a celebrity status and cementing that even further during their toddler stage,  Faye and Fleur were fairly used to being treated with a certain awe. Sometimes it did get annoying though.

"Come on Starr, stop being weird. Sit down and play with us," Fleur admonished her cousin. But Starr was not deterred. She was SO going to be the coolest kid in school tomorrow for having these exclusive photos of the Dutiel twins!

"Mom, why is your belly so big? Is it because we've had so many birthday parties and you ate too much cake? The make-up artist at the studio said that too much cake makes you fat."

"No, Faye," Evelyn managed a laugh, but she did feel a little hurt. She'd have to have a talk with that make-up artist. Worrying about weight was not something one should put in an impressionable child's mind! "It's not cake. There's a new little baby brother or sister in there for you."

"Oh please Mommy," Fleur called from the floor, "Can we have a sister this time?"

"Yes, Mom, pleeeeaaase! Girls are much better than boys! Then she can play dress-up with us," Faye agreed eagerly.

"I'll try my best," Evelyn chuckled.

The twins adored playing pretend and slipping into different roles.

Whether it was simply in their nature or it came from early impressions in life - it certainly helped their budding careers as child actresses.

They were just a tiny bit disappointed when their mother did not make good on her promise and brought home yet another baby brother - Fréderic.

Faye, Fleur, Francis, Félix and Fréderic. This is the part where I hate myself for that self-imposed alphabet rule. I thought it was a fun idea when I randomly got Arthur as my founder's name, but then I kept rolling for so many children all the time...
I'm completely ignoring this strange naming convention in the story. I like to think the sims are oblivious to it. Maybe the names are spelled differently in Simlish! :B

Francis, not François, because I simply couldn't find a way to type a "ç" while in game. Coincidentally, he is the only one of the kids without the French Culture trait!

Faye and Fleur are my first ever completely identical twins! I think I upped the chance for that in SP a bit, because all the twins always end up looking so vastly different. I was really happy to have an identical pair for once!
They're my own personal Olsen twins, haha.

It feels like I'm blasting through so many events so quickly, but most things are just so inconsequential. I really need to take fewer screenshots or something. Trying so hard to catch up with where I am in game!


  1. Great googly moogly, that is a lot of children! @_@ I love all of their names, especially Felix (one of my favorite names!). And I think the naming convention you're following is fun.

    Faye and Fleur are adorable! And I'm super jealous, because I've never had identical twins. ;_;

    1. Felix is a really cute name :) He'll get the lucky trait later on because I had to XD
      Now that I think about it, in his teens I unwittingly made him look a bit like Quentin by giving him glasses and the same hairstyle. I'll need to switch that up!

  2. Wow, sad about Eric and his wife. :( Those gnomes are pretty awesome though! And I love the twins' room. It's really nice.

    1. I was really rooting for them to work things out... SP notifications were a constant rollercoaster of emotions! At least they made some babies - I'm just too obsessed with preserving genetics, and in them we have both Bloom's (Arthur's) and Broccoli's (Kaitlin's) bloodlines. Which makes Eric and Bridgette not actually genetically related, so their incest wasn't as horrible as I initially though ^^

      I never saw those chocolate gnomes before! I wonder if they came with some store content...

  3. So... Many... Babies O.O
    They're all so cute! <3

    Where's the rest for me to catch up on? ;) It's been lovely reading your blog from the start ^-^

    1. Wow, thank you Carrie for taking the time to go through it all! You were super quick too! I won't be as fast catching with your legacy - there's just so much already! - but I'll keep at it. It's really fun :)

  4. I love all the fun foods from ITF, but the chocolate gnomes are the best, aren't they? (I just pretend the purple nutrition cubes are jello shots. Lol)

    Wow! That is one busy family Evie and Remy have!

    Eric and Bridgette didn't work things out, but how is it going for Esteban and Co?

    1. So that's where those gnomes are from! Seriously, you're like a sims encyclopedia :D I haven't seen the nutrition cubes yet, but I was very baffled when someone brought some "spheres of destiny" XD

      Suprisingly, Esteban and his wife stayed together till the end! <3

  5. ACK! Their kids are too cute! And growing up fast! :)

    And those chocolate gnomes looked a little scary! Ha!

    1. Evelyn was just popping out one baby after the other, so for a long time, there was nothing but birthdays XD The gnomes... party guests bring the weirdest things!