Friday, June 3, 2016

Gen 4 Ch 15: Love Day

Running an all-female criminal empire had proven to be successful. Perhaps Dolores had spent too much time in the company of Audra Williams, but she had always liked the thought of her daughter following in her footsteps.

Emily spent most of her time playing the piano these days. No, she definitely was not the right material for The Organization. Dolores knew that now.

Esteban would have been the logical choice for an heir, really. He had always been her favorite. So much potential. He would do great in The Organization, that one.
But then again, his particular talents and interests could also suit him in another line of work. He would be free to choose. Dolores would support her golden boy no matter what.

The youngest one, perhaps? Time would tell.

Trent did not notice much of all the turmoil going on in his family.

He had other things to worry about.

(Luckily, just a regular post-probing stomachache.)

No rain, yet again, the forecast had said. The meddling children had not been able to tamper with the contraption.

Ever since that fateful night in their mother's secret basement, Evelyn was reduced to playing without her siblings again. She watched sadly as they left for prom.

They all went without dates, but Esteban was voted prom king regardless.

 Sometimes Evelyn was allowed to invite other children over to play. Shaun Williams always won at pillow fighting!

Evelyn had a much more pleasant day when she met a young boy from Champs Les Sims who was on vacation in Hidden Springs with his parents.
His name was Remy Dutiel, but that was the extent of their conversation. Language barrier and all.

He seemed really impressed with Evelyn's ballet moves, though.

 He taught her a song the people of Champs Les Sims liked to sing.

It didn't take Evelyn long to master it, and Remy was pleased.

 By the time Evelyn's birthday came, Remy's family had left Hidden Springs again, however.

Evelyn grew into a teen, and as usual her birthday wish was...

... a visit to Mick's Master Karaoke.

 Springtime. Flowers, sunshine. Never ending sunshine.

Evil gnome armies.

 The Empress of Evil on her sparkly unicorn.

 Getting help with homework from the older siblings was great.

 But jamming together was better! Even Dolores approved.

Being the head of an evil organization was hard work. A vacation was long overdue. Besides, Love Day was around the corner, and it seemed only right that Dolores and Trent should spend some time together.

 The teens took the opportunity to throw a wild party.

They danced long into the night and ordered tons of pizza.

The next day, Love Day, was when it became clear that Emily had been right: Maura Vanderburg-Rodgers really wasn't the kind of girl Eric had thought she was.

 The fact that Esteban had been voted prom king had made him so much more interesting than his brother. She was even willing to ignore the ridiculous fluff on his upper lip.

Luckily, Eric had his eyes set on somebody else already.

An outdoorsy kind of girl was more his type anyway.

 After the Spring Festival closed down for the night, Evelyn managed to convince her siblings to go to her favorite hangout together.

"Hey, you guys don't sound half bad!"

 Even though they stayed up almost all night, by the time their parents came home, the teens had managed to toss out the last few pizza boxes and throw any piles of dirty laundry in the washing machine.

Dolores had missed Dancer more than she would admit to the unicorn.

With her own transition to the Elder stage on the horizon, Dolores found herself contemplating her own mortality.

She realized something.

 Regardless of her successor, Dolores would leave behind a legacy.

Hidden Springs would not forget her reign of terror (and sunshine) too soon.

Author's notes:
I accidentally missed this one Love Day for Dolores' A Sim for All Seasons requirement because I accepted the vacation opportunity without thinking. Instead, I made the teens hang out at the Spring Festival for several hours, taking part in everything it had to offer; as well as accepting any invitations to dates and fulfilling any romantic wishes that day. I thought that was a sufficient way of fulfilling that requirement, with Dolores not being selectable and all.


  1. Fitting that Esteban would snipe Eric's girl. lol. And at least Eric managed to find someone else to spend time with.

    Hey. At least the teens threw a party while Dolores was out. I like your methods for coming up with how to fulfill the roll, too.

    1. And no remorse whatsoever!

      Grah, it still bugs me that I was dub enough to accept that opportunity! It's so lame - the parents don't even get at least a moodlet or anything! Teen parties are fun though XD

  2. Lol - "her reign of terror (and sunshine)" DARN HER! Too much sun & sparkly rainbows! Truly evil!

    Evelyn grew up so pretty! I think she's my favorite! (I can't get over that scary mustache on Esteban's lip. Lol!)

    1. Cower in terror! Rainbows and sunshine herald the approach of the Empress of Evil!

      Glad to hear that you like Evelyn! She may or may not be the heir ;)