Thursday, June 2, 2016

Gen 4 Ch 11: Winning and Losing

Dolores liked hosting costume parties all throughout autumn, but when Spooky Day rolled around, she was especially excited. It was her favorite holiday and she had a great reason to celebrate. She had even changed up the decor yet again in anticipation.

There was another reason she was looking forward to having a bunch of people over at her house.

 She had made a breakthrough in her research and she needed test subjects.

It worked like a charm! She could not wait to tell Dancer about it.

 So you managed to alter the weather around a single Sim?
"Yes, it was incredible! I wish you could have seen it. Next time we go out I'll---"
After all this time, Dolores. A single Sim. This isn't nearly as far as we should be by now.

 "We?! What do you mean, we? I'm the one doing all the work around here. You just stand around chewing hay and giving orders." Dolores was fuming. "But as you know, I am the one giving orders now. I'm done doing your bidding. And I'm going back to the party."

 Dancer neighed loudly, furiously. Dolores kept on walking.

 But regardless of what she had just said, Dolores went down into her lair. As much as she hated to admit it, Dancer was right. There was still so much more work to be done.
Dolores would have just liked to celebrate this small victory a little.
Or at least get the chance to tease Trent with her hot dog costume.

And so the children were left to entertain the party guests.

Eric did not enjoy having his cheeks pinched by great-uncle Citrus.

Playing video games together was much better.

They all jumped at the opportunity of going trick-or-treating with their dad, though.

It was lucky, perhaps, that they missed their grandmother's passing.

 Clover's spirit watched Dolores with a benevolent smile on her face. If she said something to her daughter, it was inaudible over the sobs.

 She accepted death with grace.

 On her way out, Dolores ran into Audra's daughter.
"I... uhm... trick or treat, Ma'am."

 As Dolores told the girl that she did not have candy and that the girl better not even think about the trick part of trick-or-treat, the girl spoke again in a small voice.
"I.. It's okay, Ma'am. I just wanted to say that... I want to be just like you when I grow up!"
Dolores was surprised, but pleased. Eric, less so.

 When Dolores went to Dancer, she did not need to explain. Dancer was ready to go for a ride, rain or not.

 They stopped by her parents' house.

 Perhaps it was a way of coping for Dolores.

 Her parents were gone, so their house had no right to exist anymore.

Clover was laid to rest beside Darwin and her guitar.

 On her way home, Dolores ran into Audra Williams, doubling over in pain from contractions.

 Perhaps Dolores was feeling sentimental just now, because she accompanied Audra to the nearby hospital.

 "My daughter admires you," Audra said blankly.
"So I've heard."

"You've won, Dolores. You really have." Audra's face and voice were still devoid of emotion.
"I guess so."

Sometimes, it didn't feel like it, really. But Dolores slept soundly that night.


  1. Cheek pinching Citrus, lol.

    Aww. RIP Clover. Was Diamond old enough to live on his own by then?

    1. Diamond was actually still a teen! But I moved him to live with one of Clover's friends shortly before she passed :/

  2. Ah, so much cool stuff in this one!

    I laughed to see Dolores in the hot dog uniform. Lol. Very scary & evil!

    I loved that she stopped & took Audra to the hospital. Crazy Sims!

    1. If a giant hot dog shoots rain clouds at you, you RUN! XD

  3. I still love that you managed to capture a unicorn for this. To bad you can't burn down a whole house, but what happened to the house that was at on fire while being vacant? Do the firefighters even come? (Tree falling in forest analogy)

    1. Unicorns are so much fun if you're into destruction and mayhem XD

      Lol at the tree/forest analogy! In game, the fire just went on for a while and then died. I don't think any firefighters came.