Saturday, August 20, 2016

Gen 5 Ch 9: New Glitz

It wouldn't have been Evelyn had there not been at least some sort of get-together to celebrate the recent nuptuals!

 So on a bright Saturday morning back in Starlight Shores, the newlyweds invited friends and family to meet them at a small park.

Everyone was in high spirits and generally having a great time.

But then things started to get weird when Karen gave Esteban a bunch of red roses for no obvious reason.

In a gesture that was probably meant to mark her territory, Danielle followed that up with some purple ones.

But apparently, that was not enough for her. Wanting to return the hurt that Esteban's glad acceptance of Karen's roses had caused, she presented her brother-in-law Eric with some flowers of her own.

 Eric really liked them.

 Evelyn had never seen Esteban look this hurt.

Bridgette, on the other hand, was fuming.

 In a feeble attempt to smooth things over, Evelyn gave her sister-in-law a big hug.

 Esteban, meanwhile, tried to win his wife's affections back.

 Maybe he shouldn't have used the very same roses that Karen had given him before.

 A second later, they were at it again.

 Bridgette was not amused.

 Esteban looked heartbroken. Maybe it was his new haircut that made his wife reject him like this?

 By now, Evelyn had given up trying to reconcile the couples, and instead focused her attention on preventing her niece from experiencing some serious trauma.

"Hey Rashida, let's play a game! Just close your eyes and cover your ears and count to one thousand. Can you do that? No, no, just ignore uncle Eric and auntie Bridgette back there, alright?"

The party ended in a complete mess.

 In hindsight, it was lucky that Emily hadn't shown up at all. Sweet and caring as she was, she might not have handled all the drama too well.

Instead, she gave birth to another set of twin girls!

After that disaster of a party, Rémy needed some quiet time at the beach to relax.

 But staying put in one place had never been his strong suit, so he took a boat out to explore the coast of Starlight Shores in the hopes of coming across a promising spot to scuba dive.

 And indeed, he found a small reef that was teeming with sea life. It was nothing compared to Isla Paradiso or Sunlit Tides, but it was better than nothing.

Having spent the whole afternoon out at sea, he just barely managed to catch the last flourish of Evelyn's performance that night.

 "There you are," she sighed, pulling him close. "I thought you ran off after that... mess today. I'm so sorry you had to see my family acting all crazy like that..."

"It was fine, ma chère, stop your worrying. A bit of passion just makes life that much more interesting, no? Besides, they are my crazy family too now."

Rémy reluctantly agreed to stay in Starlight Shores for a longer while this time, so Evelyn could focus on her own career again.

Whenever Rémy's gaze followed a passing airplane with that wistful look, she knew how much he was giving up for her. She had to work extra hard and make sure it would all be worth it!

Soon, more success followed. Evelyn finally got to perform on the stage on the boardwalk, as she had dreamed about ever since she first came to this city.

She even spotted Eric and Bridgette in the audience, on a date in an attempt to reconcile their marriage.

But maybe things were too broken between them to ever be put back together.

At Rémy's gentle suggestion however, she gave up trying to fix other people's love lives, and decided to focus on her own.

 Finally, the biggest show venues in town began calling to book Evelyn.

She was becoming a real celebrity, drawing huge crowds to every location she performed at.

 She always put her heart and soul into every performance, and basked in the glory her dedication yielded.

This was her dream come true. (Vocal Legend LTW plus 5 Star Celebrity requirement fulfilled! Booyah!)

 "Ew, lady!"

As much as they had enjoyed themselves at the show, neither Mitch Lee nor her own brother Eric were of any help when Evelyn's stomach convulsed after the performance was over. They didn't even hold her hair back!

She figured that all the excitement had just been too much.

 Rémy was a much more caring kind of man. He whipped up some simple waffles with butter to hopefully calm Evelyn's upset stomach.

It did not seem to work.

Luckily her hair had so much product in it that she didn't even need anyone to hold it back for her! Still, Rémy followed her to the bathroom and tried to help as best he could.

 "I am sorry that you did not like my waffles, chérie. I will try to become a better cook."

But of course, there was a very different cause.

"Rémy, I have good news," she began. "It wasn't your cooking that made me puke!"

He was as excited as she was!

"Ma chère, we 'ave to go out and celebrate this wonderful news, no?"
"Oh Rémy, I'd rather just stay in today. A quiet, lazy day at home, you know?"

Rémy acquiesced, and tried his hand at cooking once more.

Evelyn took care of a few minor chores in the meantime.

She couldn't help feeling a little disgruntled when Rémy insisted on taking her out after their late lunch.

Seriously, for once she wanted a quiet day and he could not even keep still for that?

She kept quiet during the entire car ride, silently wondering where he was taking her. It was the general direction of Rodeo-Go-Go. Seriously, Rémy, you'd take a pregnant woman to that? She was getting uncharacteristically grumpy by now. Wow, those pregnancy hormones kicked in pretty quickly, huh?

But when Rémy parked the car and opened her door to help her get out, she sucked in her breath.

It was the mansion she'd had one of her first Sing-A-Gram jobs at!

And it was theirs now!

I've gotten used to the dumb flower giving thing, but I don't know what it is with sims randomly making out with each other! It keeps happening and it seems completely random every time.
In another game I noticed that non-active sims often have the Juiced or Super Juiced moodlets when you switch to them - maybe that's the reason? Is that some kind of bug? Or maybe everyone's just always totally hammered...

It makes for a lot of awkward situations. So sorry for all the random nonsense drama in this chapter, but it was too weird to just ignore it!

Made a dive lot for Starlight Shores as well so Rémy could have something to do :) Again, nothing fancy, just a few fish, a low-level cave and a minor treasure chest so it would't look too empty.

New Glitz because, you know, they have a new, glitzy house! It's sad that this has been the most fitting chapter title for a while ^^;


  1. Aww, Remy is so sweet and adorable.

    Also, poor Esteban! I just want to stroke his mustache and tell him everything will be okay. :(

    I remember all the sims having the Juiced moodlet for awhile in my game, but I don't remember what caused it. I guess there's something in the drinking water.

    (PS, I nominated you for a blogger award:

    1. I'm sure Esteban would like that! Haha XD

      Whaaattt? Thank you, lovely Owl Face :D

  2. Lol, everyone being totally hammered. That would have had me facepalming as well. Great job documenting the chaos! I liked Esteban's new haircut. Evelyn's pregnancy skirt is pretty cute on her, too.

    1. It took me way too long to figure that I could edit maternity outfits with MC. I was always scared it would mess up the pregnancy! So when I finally realized that it was ok, I had some fun with Evelyn's maternity wear :D

  3. Everyone in Dragon Valley used to have the juiced moodlet, which was kind of fitting because of how Dragon Valley is (so many pubs and the medieval-y look)

    Ahh! Babies! Yaaay! ^-^

    Remy's so sweet <3 I'm happy he and Evie (whoops, almost put Emily then, haha) are together

    1. I also first noticed it in a medieval world! Really fitting, yes :D

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  4. *sigh. While that scene was hilariously heartbreaking, there's a mod for that.

    Yay for babies and a huge new house and roll fulfillment!

    1. Oh, thanks for the link! Bookmarked.
      I'm a bit on the fence about the randomly juiced inactives. It's so weird and annoying in a way, but then again very hilarious to watch! If it ends up destroying otherwise happy relationships, I'll probably get that mod though.