Saturday, August 20, 2016

Gen 5 Ch 7: Dear Emily

Dear Emily,

What can I say? Isla Paradiso is true to its name - it's absolutely beautiful here.

The house we rented is tiny - more of a shack, really - but so cute! There is electricity and running water though, so we have nothing to complain about. Not that I think I'd have much to complain about even if we had to sleep in a tent...

I know what you're thinking - here she goes again, falling head over heels for another guy and jumping into yet another relationship.

But I don't know how to explain it... with Rémy it feels different somehow. He is so cute by the way - how he pronounces things with that accent of his! He even makes my name sound French. Eveline... like Eh-veh-leen. Oh, you'll just have to hear it yourself when you get to meet him!

And no, it's not just the accent that I like, Emmy!

He's also really funny and sweet and handsome and... okay, I'll stop now.

We spend most of our days at the sandy beaches. I'm getting a fabulous tan here!

Rémy prefers to swim or snorkel around, always on the lookout for new treasures.

He brought me the prettiest seashell the other day!

I even tried windsurfing, Emmy! Can you imagine?

We talk a lot too. Yes, Emily, just talking! He has seen so many interesting things traveling with his parents ever since he was a kid. Makes me wonder how different our lives could have been if dad had taken his photography more seriously. Where do you think we'd be now, Emmy?

But even if our childhood wasn't perfect - it brought things to where they are now. And right now I'm happy. Aren't you?

I miss you, Emmy! Hope everything is going good back in Starlight Shores. Hug the twins and hubby for me!
See you soon!


Dear Emmy,

Oops, sorry for the late reply!
Thank you for your letter!
Guess what
I know we were supposed to be back a couple of days ago. I hope you're not worried! It's just so beautiful here, we decided to stay a little longer.

We're settling into a real little routine here. The tiny shack by the sea almost feels like home already.

Can you believe I never actually cooked for anyone besides myself before? It's kind of nice seeing Rémy enjoy my patented Evie-pancakes!

No Emmy, that was not supposed to sound naughty!

Rémy still spends most of his days snorkeling and diving. He asked me to come along, but I don't know... it sounds a bit scary to be honest.

I'd rather listen to his stories afterwards, you know?

I mean, he even swims into underwater caves down there! How scary is that?!

I prefer taking care of the house, even if that means having to wash and dry laundry by hand! It's all worth it when I get to lounge on the beach for the rest of the day though.

The other day we wanted to explore the town, but it started to rain! Of all the days!

It wasn't too bad though.

We found shelter in a bar that was abandoned or something.

At least there was no one inside, not even a bartender! Nothing like the professional bars in Starlight Shores...

Rémy found an old guitar and played some music until the rain was over. I had no idea he could play the guitar so well! He is always full of surprises!

Afterwards, Rémy showed me beautiful, quiet little beach. There was no one there besides the two of us!

Rémy went to explore the reef for a while.

I really hope what he does down there isn't too dangerous...

After he came back we had a barbecue at the beach and then we watched the stars. Isn't that so romantic?

You can see a ton of stars from Isla Paradiso! Maybe even more than back home, and that is saying something!

Did you know that Starlight Shores was actually named after all the stars you can see there? Not the celebrities like most people think. Bet you didn't know that! Ha, little Evie teaching her big sister stuff!

Anyway, you wouldn't believe the crazy things Rémy brings home sometimes!

He says there are real treasure chests at the bottom of the sea! They've probably been sitting there for ages, dropped from pirate ships or something.

They're usually filled with gems and sometimes even weird pieces of parchment that look like a map!

What excites Rémy more than gems are the strange little trinkets he finds though. He keeps those for himself or gives them to me as gifts instead of selling them.

His favorite thing are messages in bottles. Yup, people actually do that! And the things they write... Rémy loves to read, so maybe that's why he's always so excited when he finds those messages.

I'm having such an amazing time here! Sometimes I wish things could stay like this forever...

But don't worry Emmy, I still miss you of course. This time we're coming back for sure, I swear. Cross my heart.

Love you big sis!

Eveline (say it with feeling)

Not a song title chapter! Rejoice!


  1. I love the narrative structure of this chapter! And I'm glad that Evelyn's happy.

    Scuba diving is soooo much fun, imo.

    1. It was really fun to switch it up. The past tense gets so stiff, so Evelyn's excitable perspective and present tense were such a welcome change. :)

  2. Isla Paradiso is so lovely! And I loved the clownfish pic.

    1. You'll have so much fun there with Layla! It's really pretty <3

  3. This was a really sweet chapter ^-^ I liked hearing things from Evie's point of view, and it's nice that she's found the one.

    Now, where are the babies? ;)

  4. Wow. Some of those water pics... Mmmmmph. Beautiful.

    Evie and Remy are far too sweet.

    1. IP is pure beauty... so glad I get to have reflective water now :D