Saturday, August 20, 2016

Gen 5 Ch 8: Freeing Myself

As promised, they did come back to Starlight Shores eventually.

And they picked right up where they left off in Isla Paradiso!

Rémy had rarely stayed in one place for this long, but he appreciated his special status as the first man to ever set foot in Evelyn's tiny apartment.

Evelyn loved having someone preparing breakfast for her before having to rush off to the next gig.

 What was even better though was always seeing a familiar face in the audience.

... and having someone to congratulate her after a successful performance!

Rémy made it a point to meet all of Evelyn's family and friends, even if that meant sitting through uncomfortable dinners with the constantly bickering Eric and Bridgette.

Or working around busy schedules!

Bonding with Rashida came easily for Rémy - like him, she was a voracious reader and instantly adored her new "uncle Remy" when he presented her with some of his favorite books.

He even listened patiently to Quiana going on about her favorite cartoon characters.

But soon, Rémy's wanderlust got the better of him again and he whisked Evelyn off to Sunlit Tides.

Rémy's scuba diving job in Isla Paradiso had been quite lucrative and Evelyn's gigs had been paying more and more, so this time around, the house they could afford to rent was much larger.

 Isla Paradiso was famous as the place to scuba dive, but contrary to popular belief, Sunlit Tides was not completely devoid of underwater treasures.

The water was just as clear and the temperatures just as pleasant as in Isla Paradiso.

Rémy even found a few treasure chests, though they were mostly filled with sea shells.

 Having a pool although the house was right by the beach - now that was luxury! Evelyn made sure to enjoy it to the fullest.

It was wonderful. Days were spent soaking up the sun, and nights soaking in the hot tub.

Sometimes they cooked their meals at home, but more often than not they tried the various restaurants the island had to offer.

One in particular had become Rémy's new favorite place to go. They were famous for serving the most delicious and extravagant seafood dishes there.

 Evelyn, however, had a craving for something simpler.

When she noticed Rémy grinning at her over his fancy sautéed salmon, she tried to swallow the huge bite she had just taken out of her burger. "Whapf?", she managed.

"Nothing," he chuckled. "You are just adorable, is all."

 After dinner they walked off towards the beach to gaze at the stars.

"Eveline," he said, taking both her hands, "I was going to wait for the right moment, but..."

 "... I cannot wait any longer, ma chère."

"Will you be my wife?"


Just a few days later, as they were taking a walk on the beach, Rémy proposed another idea.

"Eveline, I know you would like to 'ave a big wedding with all your family in attendance, but... It is such a lovely day and you look so exceptionally beautiful, ma chère. There is a charming spa retreat right over there. What do you say? Will you marry me right here, today?"

How could she say no to that?

 It was a quiet, heartfelt ceremony.

 Just the two of them, exchanging vows and rings.

 Evelyn, party girl as she was, had always imagined her own wedding as a huge affair, red carpet and all.

But now she realized that all she wanted was right there.

Say aww!

They decided to stay and spend the night at the spa - like a honeymoon within a holiday!

It was a good decision too. Right at the same time, the repair man back at their rental home died of electrocution.

Poor repair guy ;_;
And stupid wavy summer air stuff ruining so many of the wedding pictures ;_____;
(Haha, I know, I'm terrible.)

I made two dive lots for Sunlit Tides following this tutorial. I kept them quite basic and didn't put any crazy good spawners on them to avoid feeling cheaty. During the last trip to Isla Paradiso the routing issues and resulting lag drove me nuts, so I thought I'd give Sunlit Tides a try! Exploring dive lots you made yourself isn't nearly as much fun though...

Continuing to plague you with Vocalist career song titles.
Freeing Myself because Evelyn realized she... doesn't... uh... need parties to be happy? Ugh. I should have just gone with Wig Wig Wag and been done with it. :P


  1. Sunlit Tides is so much better than Isla Paradiso. I think houseboats are neat, but they're part of the routing mess. Sunlit Tides is prettier, too.

    Poor repair guy! I laughed so hard, though. The juxtaposition of the beautiful wedding pictures and his death were too funny.

    Hooray for Evelyn! :D

    1. You're right, the lighting and beaches in Sunlit Tides are so much more beautiful. I do like Isla Paradiso's architecture and that there are so many places to explore though! Sunlit Tides can feel a bit bare, but it's a perfect holiday destination!

      Glad his death served to entertain you ;P

  2. Oh gosh, the repair man xD that probably wasn't a smart career move for him, quite a shocking choice *sniggers*

    It's so nice seeing Evie happy ^-^ so sweet

    1. I'd say he would have had a great career, but really, he lacked that certain spark :B

  3. Awwww. Lol. I do like that she had the same type of wedding Emily had. Sometimes, the moment is right and you just go for it.

    IP is a mess. It's so sad. They had a lot of potential in the idea, but it's *so* laggy and broken.

    1. Little sister, always wanting to do what her older siblings do XD

      Yeah, the laaaag... D: