Thursday, June 22, 2017

Not A Chapter

So it’s that time of the year again where we bombard each other with questions. That’s fine with me, because my body still thinks I’m in another time zone, but I need to stay awake until it’s bedtime to try and avoid jetlag.

Thank you to:

FutureCarrie - Matthews’ Random Legacy
FirelightKnight - The Attaway Legacy
Marcy - Winterly RLC
MommyIce/MeganPagan - Hiding Out In Sunset Valley
Owly - A Clover and a Bee
Becky -  Goldbeard RLC

As a reward, I’m passing the curse of the 11*X questions right back on to all of you! Mwahahaaa!
Of course, if you’ve done this before you don’t need to do it again. Only if you want to :)

(I hope I’m not forgetting anyone! Sorry if I did. I’ve been awake for too long and my brain is sleepy mush right now.)

So here we go, let’s answer these questions!


FutureCarrie’s Questions

1. Who’s your favourite sim?
Right now it’s probably Gloria!

2. Favourite film?

There are several, but I’m gonna say The Incredibles.

3. Bright lipsticks: Yay or nay? (i’m yay if ur nay fite me)

Nay for me personally, but I do enjoy seeing it on people who can pull it off. Particularly when paired with black, sharp-looking outfits.

4. Uhhhhhhh I’m running out of ideas so: Favourite song?

According to my most played songs in iTunes it’s ‘Like a Comet’ by Mr Universe from Steven Universe :3

5. What got you into writing for sims?

When looking up something sims-related, I randomly found someone’s Wishacy blog, started reading and loved it. It was a great way to get my sims fix without actually spending all that time booting up the game and playing! In search for more stories, I followed links to other blogs, checked out the people who commented on those and so forth. Eventually I resorted to googling for sims challenge blogs. When looking up rules for challenges I didn’t know about, I came across the forums here and the RLC became my favorite reading material. I read a couple of older, long finished/abandoned stories (Becky’s and Owly’s come to mind!). Well, monkey see, monkey do. It was just a matter of convincing myself that it’s ok to spend time on something seemingly silly. So I started playing and writing about my own RLC and here we are now :)

6. Favourite Holiday (like Easter, May Day, Christmas etc)?


7. Best trash TV show?

Does Project Runway count?

8. Fast food or healthy stuff: what’s better?

Healthy stuff all the way.

9. Worst subject at school?


10. How do you feel right now?


11. If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? (I did an AS in this, I know the answer :P)

It makes a sound if you just believe hard enough.


Owly’s Questions

1.    Who's a historical figure you think is neat? Why?

I left this question for last, but it’s still taking me way too long to come up with something! Huh, I guess I’m not good with historical figures unless they’re artists (and then I just like them because of their art). I’ll just say Joan of Arc because ladies in armor are pretty neat.

2.     I've invited myself over for dinner. What are your making for me?

You have the vegetarian trait, right? I hope you like it spicy, because I’ll make you a nice curry with tons of fresh veggies from the farmer’s market :)

3.    If you were a sim, which neighborhood would you like to live in?

Either Monte Vista or Moonlight Falls, I think.

4.    Who is your favorite premade sim? How about your least favorite?

This one’s a tough one! I never really thought about it and I suppose I don’t pay enough attention to the premades? This makes me want to go play and find out more about them! I’m going to say Agnes Crumplebottom for now, but I reserve the right to change my mind later on :) My least favorite is probably Juan Darer in Twinbrook. *shudder*

5.    If you could program a robot to do one task for you so you'd never have to do it again, what would it be? It doesn't matter how complicated the task is; it just has to be something you could do yourself (so you couldn't program it to make gold out of water unless you can do that yourself, so no cheating!).

Can I have a Sims 1 Servo? I want a full-on butlerbot who cleans AND cooks for me.

6.    Okay, so now irony kicks in: what do you miss out on by programming the robot to do that task? (ex: you programmed the robot to tuck your children into bed at night, and now your children love the robot more than you)

Servo takes care of all the tedious stuff that keeps me from doing the things I want to do. However, it turns out that I don’t use my newly won free time wisely and end up becoming lazy and complacent, never getting up from the sofa again o_o

7.    What would you like to improve about your writing, and what do you think you already do well?

I think what I want is more subtlety and refinement overall. I want the story to be less obvious (while still giving hints to be understood later when the full story is revealed) and I want the reading experience to be smoother. I have no idea about what I do well - I think I need improvement in all areas! That’s what I like about writing though. There’s still so much to learn for me!

8.    What object from TS3 would you like to have in real life?

The motive mobile LTR! It’s a bit too cheaty for me to use in game, but it would be amazing to have irl.

9.    What's your vice? You can tell me. I'm cool.

Hmm… well… maybe I’ll leave this question for later.

Ok, ok, it’s procrastination.

10.    Where's your favorite place to be?

I just came back from long trip, so the answer has to be: home :)

11.    Are we--as humans--enacting order in a chaotic universe, or are we enacting chaos in an ordered universe?

I like this question! The more I think about it, the more interesting it becomes. If we’re talking about natural order, functioning ecosystems and climate, then hoo boy, humans have surely mucked that up. Then again, us humans have evolved to have our own kind of order, with (more or less) functioning societies and infrastructure. I’d say it’s two different, for now unfortunately incompatible, ordered systems colliding and creating chaos.


Marcy’s Questions

1. What got you into playing Random Legacies/ other sim challenges?

When looking up something sims-related, I randomly found someone’s Wishacy blog, started reading and loved it. It was a great way to get my sims fix without actually spending all that time booting up the game and playing! In search for more stories, I followed links to other blogs, checked out the people who commented on those and so forth. Eventually I resorted to googling for sims challenge blogs. When looking up rules for challenges I didn’t know about, I came across the forums here and the RLC became my favorite reading material. I read a couple of older, long finished/abandoned stories (Becky’s and Owly’s come to mind!). Well, monkey see, monkey do. It was just a matter of convincing myself that it’s ok to spend time on something seemingly silly. So I started playing and writing about my own RLC and here we are now :)

2. If you could add one extra feature to sims 3 (that would be guaranteed to work the way you want it to), what would you add and why?

It’s not really a new feature, but it’s something I’ve already whined about quite a bit! I really want the Showtime singer career to be compatible with Late Night bands. And while we’re at it, I’d like more control for the bands, like assigning a guitarist, drummer etc. so they don’t just go and grab random instruments. And I’d like for bands to be able to audition for gigs like the Showtime careers!

3. What is your LEAST favourite EP?

At this point I wouldn’t want to miss any of them! But if I have to pick one I’ll say Island Paradise. Or maybe Showtime? Argh, I don’t know!

4. If you were a sim, what would be your 3 highest-leveled skills?

Painting, sculpting and photography. Wow, such variety >_>

5. What is your "nightmare roll" for the RLC? The worst combination of rolls you can imagine, essentially.

Something very cookie-cutter boring would be difficult to get excited about. Maybe a couple with two careers from the standard C1 chart.

6. What is your favourite "it's so bad, it's good" fictional work? (movie, book, etc.)

I recently saw the movie Highlander (1986) with a couple of friends and colleagues (and a couple of apple ciders) and it was freaking glorious. Abysmally bad and glorious.

7. What is your favourite sport that you do NOT play at the moment?

Historical European martial arts, which is essentially sword fighting! I kind of want to look into that.

8. Which fictional character do you like that you think you would NOT get along with if they were real? (Can be from something you wrote or from another fictional work)

I like Arya Stark as a character, but I think she’d get on my nerves pretty quickly irl.

9. Which animal's existence confuses you the most? (As in, whenever you see it you think, "How is this even a real animal???")

The Chinese water deer!

10. If you had to dye your hair to an unnatural colour (or to a different unnatural colour if it's already such a colour), what would you dye it to and why?

I’ve actually been thinking about a blueish teal because I love the color and it goes well with my pale skin, but my hair is too dark and I don’t want to bleach it :/ I wish I was a sim and could change my hair color on a whim!

11.  If you were an adventurer, what atypical (as in, not a dog or a cat) but real animal would you choose as your travelling companion?

Either a falcon or a raven because a bird sitting on someone’s shoulder always looks pretty awesome.


FirelightKnight’s Questions

1. I hear most people use mods and CC in their games - which ones do you consider to be the absolute necessities, and why?

I wouldn’t want to play the game without nraas StoryProgression and MasterController anymore. ErrorTrap and Overwatch as well. They just fix so many annoying little problems!

2. How long have you been playing the Sims for?

I think I first started playing The Sims 1 when I was 12-ish, so about 16 years ago. There was a very long break between Sims 2 and 3 for me

3. Out of all of your Sims, which do you find to be the hardest to write and why?

Right now I’m having trouble with Jamey. His views differ from my own quite a bit and I have trouble finding the positive in him - which is probably why no one likes him :/

4. ^And who is the easiest?


5. Moving away from the topic of Sims temporarily, do you read often? What's your favorite book?

My favorite book right now is probably Fool’s Errand by Robin Hobb. I’m cheating a bit though because it’s book 1 of the Tawny Man trilogy and you really need to read the Farseer trilogy before this one as well :3

6. What kinds of music do you listen to whilst writing for your legacy, if any?

None, but if I had to listen to something it’d be purely instrumental.

7. On average, how long does it take for you to write an update?

Way too long? I don’t even want to know because then I might think it’s too much of a waste of time.

8. Are you a cat person or a dog person? Or neither?

I love dogs, but with my lifestyle I’d have an easier time taking care of a cat. Cats are super cute, but I’m allergic, so it’s no pets for me right now.

9. If you could add one thing to the Sims that isn't already in an expansion, what would it be?

I’d want children to be able to do more things, like play instruments. Luckily we have mods for that :D

10. And if you could remove one thing, what would it be?

Probably the psychic curfew police as well as forced curfew for kids and teens. It’d be much more fun if you could actually outwit or sneak past the cops!

11. Why do you think its eleven questions and not ten?

So you’d have enough questions to ask this!


MeganPagan/MommyIce’s Questions

1.  What would your Generational Goal/Miscellaneous Fun roll be if you were a Sim?  Try to pick your best fit! ;)

It’d be 15) Hobby, or Obsession? and the hobby would be simming :D

2.  Which is your favorite generation in your RLC?

Maybe gen 2, Bloom’s generation?

3.  Favorite Sim to play?

Dolores used to be a lot of fun >:D

4.  Least Favorite Sim to play?

Hmm… possibly Trent (Dolores’ consort, because you probably don’t remember him). I treated the poor guy pretty badly, in true Dolores fashion.

5.  Worst (or best) RLC roll?

I’m pretty happy with the current one, as well as the next (not yet born in the story) generation’s! They shall remain a mystery for now though…

6.  Where would you love to go on vacation if money & time weren't an issue?

Bora Bora!

7.  You have 5 minutes to escape your burning house, what is the first thing you decide to grab?

My boyfriend o_o;

8.  What are you currently reading right now?

Many, many questions @__@

9.  Windows or Mac? Laptop or Desktop? PC or Console (then which one?)

I use a Mac, but I partitioned my hard drive to have a Windows part specifically for The Sims! Other than that I do most of my gaming on various consoles. The PS4 is the nicest one I guess, though I’m having tons of fun with LoZ:BotW on the WiiU.

10.  Coffee, tea, or none of the above?

Both, though I drink green tea mostly. Coffee is a secret weapon for when I need some extra energy!

11.  What’s one thing you want to let your readers know?

I really appreciate that you take the time to read and comment on my stuff! You are lovely people <3


Becky’s Questions (Who didn’t technically nominate anyone, but what the heck, I’m already doing this.)

1. Favorite board or card game?

Magic: the Gathering :D

2. A computer game you'd recommend besides the Sims?

Portal 1&2

3. Favorite party game?

I don’t think I know any party games? I recently played drunk 4-player pacman at the arcade with some friends/colleagues though. That was fun!

4. If you had to make up the rules for an original (ish) party game, what would it be?

Every time one of the other party guests takes a sip of their drink, you take a sip of yours. >_> Sorry.

 5. You must take either a wish granting genie or a talking dog. What do you choose, and why?

A genie, because I like to think I could formulate a simple enough wish for the genie not to screw me over. Also a talking dog probably still can’t pick up its own poop.

6. What film, book, or other media you've consumed contained the most alien alien? (Think starfish alien trope.)

The aliens in Arrival were pretty alien, but then again (SPOILER ALERT) they were just fog octopuses.

7. Do you prefer to think of your sims as basically living in the real world, or do you work the strangeness of gameplay into your stories?

Somewhere in between, though I do love the strangeness.

8. If you had to destroy one holiday you currently celebrate every year, which one would it be?

Um… probably one of the ones I don’t even know the name of, but shops are closed so it’s annoying. That probably doesn’t count though because I’m not celebrating them D:

9. What color do you normally gravitate towards for shoes?

Black, though my new favorite canvas sneakers are mustard yellow and fabulous.

10. Coolest-looking plant?
Succulents! They come in so many shapes and colors :3

11. The last movie you watched?
Moonlight, directly preceded by Logan and The Lego Batman Movie (it was a 9 hour flight u_u)


Alrighty, and here are my questions for you:

(Sorry if they are repeat questions. I’m writing this first and reading stuff later o_o)

1. What other Sims challenges have you played besides a Random Legacy? Which one is your favorite?

2. When do you roll for the next generation and how do you determine the heir?

3. Does your story follow the gameplay or does the gameplay follow your (pre-planned) story?

4. Kind of a follow up to the previous question: What is your writing process like? Do you write first and then take fitting pictures, or do you try to weave the screenshots you have from playing into a story?

5. Are there any foods you hate? Why?

6. What is the longest you’ve ever been away from home?

7. Would you rather live in a crappy place with lots of awesome people around or a really nice place with just one or two people you love?

8. Now for something scary: What would it take for you to forever abandon The Sims 3?

9. Which Sims 3 neighborhood do you find yourself using most often?

10. Is there anything in the Sims 3 you’re dying to try but you haven’t yet because you’re waiting for the right rolls and/or want to keep the game interesting?

11. Did I come up with 11 questions yet? Can I go to bed now?

I apologize for any typos. In case you haven't noticed from all my whining - I'm super sleepy. Goodnight.


  1. First, I'm glad you back and I LOVE the header pic! I miss those three. ;_;

    I love spicy food AND curry! I am heading to your place for dinner right now. ;) And I like your answer to my question re: chaos and order in the universe.

    Bloom's generation was so much fun. I miss him. ;_; And Dolores always seemed fun to play!

    I added your questions to my post. I got a little wordy. XD

    1. I miss them too ;_; which is probably why I spent forever making a pose for and staging this fake teenage selfie, even though in game they're already elders...

      Yes, please come over for dinner! Just be sure to leave early enough to account for that 9+ hour flight.

      Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! It's awesome that you got wordy. I'll keep the explanation of your writing process in a text file so I can look at it while I write *_*

  2. That selfie pic is really nice!

    Also, I nominated you, too. Lol, I got lazy with telling people about it. My post is here:
    But don't feel like you have to go and answer the questions, this was just for fun anyway. I love your blog!

    1. Oh! I'm so sorry I missed that! There are still so many legacies I need to catch up with and yours is definitely one of them :D Can't wait to see what the Diffys get up to :)

    2. No worries! I'm still catching up with stuff, too.

  3. Ha, I'll answer your questions here. :)

    1. I have not played any other challenges, though I considered a wishacy.

    2. I roll when the first child of that generation is conceived... usually. Sometimes I have a few generations rolled in advance. As for determining the heir, I just pick one I think is cute and mold the personality accordingly.

    3. It's a bit of both!

    4. Again, I do both of those things as needed. I tend to just play and the narrative emergies in my head as the gameplay progresses, but more complicated chapters with obvious staging may be written in advance. Sometimes I have to alter those pre-written scenes to fit what kind of screenshots I can take, which is a bummer.

    5. I hate sweet potatoes. They make me physically ill. My grandmother did not believe me and tricked me into a sweet potato pie, telling me it was a pumpkin pie. I thought it tasted very strange, but I wanted to be polite, so I told her it was good. She decided that "proved" the sweet potato sickness was all in my head... even though the night after eating the pie, I was very ill. I can't enjoy pumpkin pie anymore without thinking of this betrayal.

    6. That is not a happy story.

    7. A nice place with just one or two people, definitely. I don't do well in crowds anyways.

    8. Probably losing all my saved sims and savefiles. Who's to say I wouldn't just start fresh though?

    9. Hard to say. Every legacy has taken place in a different town. So I guess technically I've spent the most time in Barnacle Bay.

    10. There are a few careers, like the games developer one, that I haven't tried yet!

    11. Sure.

    1. Oh hey, thanks for answering the questions! That sweet potato betrayal sounds horrible :( Maybe you're even allergic?