Monday, January 9, 2017

Gen 7 Ch 1: University Life

As the truck drove down the street and around the corner, Grace caught one last glimpse of Fred and Gene standing in front of the house, waving goodbye. It was another beautiful day in Starlight Shores. Grace had been looking forward to this day for what seemed like an eternity, and everything was going smoothly, as planned.

What was missing, however, was her twin sister beside her.

Jamey reached over to squeeze her hand and gave her a reassuring smile.

After many hours, they finally saw it spreading out before them: Sim State Campus. They had crossed the entire country to get here, from one shore to another, and Grace couldn't have been more excited.

They arrived at their dormitory just as the other students did.

Grace and her assigned roommate, Calista Montgomery, instantly became friends.

They wasted no time decorating their shared room to match their shared tastes.

With Grace's outgoing personality, their room soon became an area for everyone in the dorm to hang out. Luckily Calista didn't mind.

Grace smiled to herself whenever she entered the room and found yet another guy vying for Calista's attention.

"Always the wrong ones though," Calista told her with a wry smile.

Jamey had a room all to himself, but quickly became friends with Nathaniel Wright as they bonded over a shared love of obscure music and dressing ironically.

Jamey was a model student. Even though his main interest lay in writing, Communications included various other courses, and he wanted to excel at all of them.

Grace also endured many subjects that didn't directly pertain to her ultimate goal of directing movies. Unlike her classmates however, who preferred to catch up on sleep during boring lectures, Grace strove to get the most out of everything that was offered to her.

The young couple didn't have any classes together, but they made a point to spend every last minute of their free time in each other's company.

And if they got tired of staying in Jamey's room, there was always a party going on somewhere. Usually right downstairs at their dorm!

University life was all Grace had ever hoped for and more.

Calista was the best roommate anyone could have asked for.

But still, Grace couldn't help wondering how it would have been with her sister around.

When she was feeling down like this, Jamey always offered a strong shoulder to lean on.

"Let's go out tonight," he suggested, "I heard there will be a party by the beach."

They arrived slightly early, so Grace got to work preparing some tofu dogs.

As if drawn by the smell of food, sims started arriving. Nathaniel and Calista greeted Grace before walking off to mingle.

Grace's tofu dogs were a great hit, particularly after someone had 'enhanced' them by sprinkling some strange herb over them.

Grace wasn't so sure if she was ready for this side of university life, so she decided to grill another round of tofu dogs.

A purple haired girl walked up to her and asked, "Hey, do I know you from somewhere?"

Grace glanced at the girl for a second and then returned her attention to the grill. "Uhm, I don't think we've met. I'm a freshman."

The girl was insistent. "No, no... I'm sure I've seen you somewhere... wait! You're that girl from the cereal commercial! Come on, say the line. Please?"

Grace winced. This was not the first time this had happened, and it wouldn't be the last. She had come to regret her brief career as a teen actress. She would never escape the embarrassment of Plumbob Crunch. She sighed. "Plumbob Crunch - Gotta have my Plumbobs or I'll go unsta-a-able!" Grace recited in a spiritless mumble.

The girl seemed pleased nonetheless. She laughed heartily, then pulled out her phone and snapped a quick picture of the blushing Grace. "Oh man, I'll have to show Jason... he won't believe it!"

Finally, Grace sat down with a plate of her own and gazed out over the water. Calm waves, gently stirred by the warm summer breeze, lapped against the sandy shore.

A hot dog joke.

A hot dog choke.

What a party!

Long after midnight, a very juiced Nathaniel decided to go back to the dorm in a 'borrowed' sailboat.

Grace and Jamey danced late into the night. Those would be crazy times ahead.

I had to include that Liz cameo XD Whenever I saw her or Mahmoud around campus, I had to think of Hiding Out In Sunset Valley :D

Grace is the first heir to go to university since Bloom, so it was a lot of fun playing with all this stuff again. But as entertaining as it is, it gets repetitive so quickly. I think my UL hunger is satiated for another couple of generations now.


  1. Ha! I loved the reference to MommyIce's legacy xD

    It seems like university life is agreeing with Grace which is lovely ^-^

    I suppose you could say the best meat wasn't for eats at the party ;) (that's your hot dog joke, Merry January)

    1. Badum-tish! Nice one! Gotta love hot dog jokes. :D

  2. Yay Liz! That amused me. :D

    I've never played with UL, so it's cool to see all these screenshots! I can't help thinking if Gloria were there, she would not enjoy it as much as her sister. :(

    1. I kept looking around to see if Jason was somewhere close by xD

      There will be plenty more UL screenshots! Even if grinding towards a degree gets old, I love a lot of what that EP gave us. Coffee shops, comic book stores, bonfires... it's awesome :D

    2. Oh, and yes, you're right. I can't see Gloria enjoying dorm life or bonfire parties :/

  3. I love, love, love Calista and Grace's room! It's so pretty. :o

    Hipster Nathaniel has a pretty sweet beard. I'll warn you now--this might become an Esteban situation in which I melt every time I see him.

    OMG the hot dog joke/choke had me in tears, I laughed so hard. XD

    1. This generation is where I get to indulge in all my secret hipster fantasies and still be snarky about it 8D The world needs more sims with facial hair.

      Ha, glad you liked it! :D

  4. If Liz is there, Jason must not be far behind...I wonder if he and Grace would heart-fart each other like Jason did with every girl in MommyIce's legacy haha.

    It's nice to see Grace enjoying university! And Jamey seems like...less... of a jerk XD

    1. They probably would have! Grace heart-farts with almost every guy she meets too XD Having a bunch of skills and some celebrity stars does that to a gal, I guess...

      He does have his good sides, I swear! I'm just stupid and introduced his jerky side first *facepalms*

  5. "Girl, you should sell hot dogs...because you already know how to make a weiner stand."

    D: I'm sorry

    1. Lol! That's what he said. This is canon now.

      Never be <3

  6. Aw, nice to see Jamey being so supportive. It's got to be hard on Grace to go on without her sister, no matter how optimistic she is!

    HA! I LOVED the hipster beard! That's perfect.

    AND LIZ! Yay! I loved the teen actress backstory. Lol. I could totally see her being the fresh-faced, adorable girl hocking cereal. I nearly died laughing.

    And then came the hot dog joke.. followed by the hot dog choke. LOL.

    1. Seriously, when Liz appeared, I went looking for Jason for a second! I love the way you characterized her in your legacy. Liz will forever be your character in my mind :D

      Thank you so much for reading & commenting!