Saturday, May 28, 2016

Gen 4 Ch 5: Love and Birthdays

Working out together. A lovely couple. Except they weren't - at least not officially. Neither had ever asked the other to 'go steady', and neither one ever would. Dolores because she was Dolores and Trent because, well, because Dolores was Dolores.

It was not like she had commitment issues. There was an unspoken agreement between the two, and that was enough for her. However, Dolores resented all those conventional labels that society forced on Sims. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife. Conformity. Nothing could be a bigger turn-off for her.

And so things stayed as they were between them.

Spring came, and with it a sugary sweet change in d├ęcor.

Bloom wondered when the day would come where he might be reunited with his one true love again.

It was Clover's birthday, and Darwin decided that he would be the one to cook the feast this time.

In the end, Clover stepped in. She loved Darwin for trying, and thanked him for mixing his delicious "Clover Lover" drinks yet again.

Another triple birthday for Bloom's children! It would be their last big transformation, so the celebration was exuberant.

So this was the photographer uncle Dolores had been talking about. Trent searched Citrus' face for any signs of joyous fulfillment. Or regret. But he couldn't find anything.

Sheryl had aged into a teen, luckily outgrowing the chin pox as predicted. Clover studied her brother's grey hair, the memories of their own teen years still so vivid as if they had been yesterday.

Dolores loved Clover's perfect Baked Angel Food Cake. Clover was pleased.

The guests stuck around and played games until late into the night. From right to left: Tyree; Ginny; Broccoli's daughter Kacey, now pregnant; Ginny's daughter Sheryl; and a random gatecrasher of no importance.

Cypress and Liam thought it was a great idea to have a pillow fight in Bloom's bedroom. While Bloom was asleep.

Clover and Darwin noticed none of it. They the rest of the night in their bed, cuddling and reminiscing.