Saturday, May 28, 2016

Gen 4 Ch 3: Flaming Wrath

One night, as Dolores left the abandoned warehouse by the lakeside and climbed the small hill over to the road, Trent happened to be jogging by.

"Hey there, professional photographer. On your way to the next glamorous photo shoot I see."
"Hey yourself." He stopped running. "Where'd you come from?"

Dolores was just about to tell Trent to mind his own business, when she was saved the need to do so by a bright flash of light across the street. Trent was stunned into silence.

She had just crossed the street when Trent found his voice again.
"Is that... is that a unicorn?!"

"That's my ride," she stated, mounting Dancer. "I'm going out on the town. Come along, if you can keep up!"

Apparently, Trent had his car parked right around the corner.

They arrived at the Cho house.
"What are we doing here, Dolores?-- AH!"

"FIRE!!", Trent yelled, running towards it.

Several neighbors and passers-by did the same.

One of them caught on fire. Dolores chuckled.

But Trent heroically saved the man's life.

As all the flames were extinguished, so was Dolores' excitement.
"Psh, this place is lame. I'm outta here. Coming, Trent?"
She did not wait for a reply before galloping off.

But as she had secretly hoped, Trent followed her to the Crystal Solarium Rejuvenating Waters.
"This place is closed. I don't think we're supposed to be in here, Dolores."
"Come on, last one in the water is a chicken!"

"I really don't..."

But he changed his mind quickly enough.

Splashing and giggling. Some shyness. And then, after catching their breath, talking.

"Dolores, why did you run off like that before?"
She snorted and looked away.
"Seriously, Dolores, if you hadn't noticed that fire, Davy Cho's house might have burned down. We should have at least stayed and---"
"Wait. Davy Cho's house?!", she blurted.
"Well yes, why?"
 Dolores stared blankly for a moment. So there was another Cho in town? A brother, maybe? Regardless, she had made a mistake. Sloppy research. Her own fault. She would need to rectify this. Formulate a new plan. Next time, she would not fail.

"GOTCHA!", she shouted as she splashed him full in the face.

After the icy cold chlorinated water, a hot shower.


He really was a great kisser.

Afterwards, he took her home. Dancer had gotten bored of waiting in the snow, it seemed.

Again, he wouldn't stay the night. Something about having to introduce himself to her parents properly. Dolores didn't really listen.

Bloom regularly visited Matilda's grave.

Darwin did not approve of his daughter's work attire, but kept quiet.

Diamond grew into a toddler.

You know I hate the snow, Dolores. Do we really have to do this now?
"Yes! It's important!" The urgency in her tone was undeniable. Then, with a grin, she added, "Look at those three playing, Dancer. Take a page out of their book."
For the sake of our continued partnership, I will pretend you didn't just compare me to these mindless mutts.

To be honest, Dolores would have preferred a sunny, dry day as well. But this could not wait.

This time, she had the right house.

The wooden gazebo was perfect. Everything was going according to keikaku*.
*keikaku means plan

It was glorious to behold.

A girl and her pet.

In the meantime, back home, it was time for another pet to leave this household.

Indi, sweet and fluffy master huntress, would be missed by all.

And Minzi Cho... was gone.

Author's Notes:

I'm sorry, Minzi Cho ;__;
But you've incurred the inescapable wrath of Dolores.
I do not enjoy killing Sims. Ever since that fight though, Dolores had the wish to "see Minzi Cho's fiery ghost". So to-the-point. Gotta love evil Sims. I just had to go with it.


  1. Well daaaayum. I don't think I've ever fulfilled that wish. xD Good job.

    1. It was difficult too! I tried many times... and that first time, getting the wrong Cho house, was my own stupidity, not Dolores' :D

  2. I've never fulfilled the "see blahblah's ghost" wish either, mostly because it's usually been another member of the household and that's just a bit too dark xD

    1. It is pretty dark... but for someone with a pyromaniac unicorn it was just too fitting! :D

  3. Ok. That was awesome. Dark, but really cool all the same. And totally Dolores.

    Will Trent ever stay the whole night?

    1. Thanks XD It was so difficult to achieve too without cheating! But finally I managed to set the flames just right to trap her on that gazebo... only to feel really bad about it afterwards.

  4. "Everything was going according to keikaku*.
    *keikaku means plan"

    ^I choked omg thank you for that. LOL