Friday, May 27, 2016

Gen 4 Ch 1: Most Likely to Take Over The World

As soon as Dolores was done with her slice of birthday cake, she went to see Dancer. The unicorn neighed softly as Dolores stroked her silvery coat.
Happy birthday, kiddo. Come on, I have to show you something.

Not asking any questions, Dolores mounted Dancer and they galloped off into the night.

 It was cold and Dolores' clothes were soaked completely before they finally slowed down, apparently close to their destination.

They approached the old warehouse at a trot. For inattentive observers, the rickety structure might appear abandoned, but Dolores noticed tell-tale signs that this was not so.

 As they got closer, a light bulb that had previously looked broken lit up. This was obviously meant to look like someone had noticed them and was about to come storming out, bearing arms. A cheap trick to scare off unwary intruders. Dolores knew it had simply been a motion detector triggering the light though.

Go on in, the unicorn's melodic voice sounded inside Dolores' head and ask for Big B. Don't leave until he gives you a job. 
It was certainly not in Dolores' nature to follow orders, much less without questioning them. But with Dancer it was different. Not that Dolores was scared of the unicorn. It was something else. Something she had never felt for anyone else before. Respect.
Dolores knew Dancer had a plan she wasn't revealing yet, but somehow she also knew that ultimately, this plan would lead to good things. Things Dolores wanted. What that was, she couldn't quite tell yet. Or maybe it was just the unicorn working its mind control powers. There was no way of knowing.

Hours later, Dolores came home. It smelled like wet dog, but she didn't care. She had a new job and a new boss. Big B - or Bert Alto, as they were never supposed to call him - didn't even need any persuading to let Dolores join his ranks. Normally, the idea of working in any kind of organization, let alone the thought of having a boss, would have repelled Dolores. However, the sheer sense of power emanating from Big B had been inspiring.
"I will take him down," she thought. "and everything he has will be mine."

Darwin could see it in Clover's eyes. She, too, had noticed his weight gain. She just loved him too much to say anything.

He had become larger than ever. And today, of all days, he would have to squeeze himself into a suit for Dolores' graduation ceremony.

Somehow, Darwin managed to fit into his old suit, but as he waited by the car, all of the sudden that tingly sensation in his stomach returned. No, it wasn't just a tingle. It was a stabbing pain.

 "Ghh-- go ahead without me," he gasped, clutching at his abdomen. "I-- indigestion... uuuggghhhh."
Clover was about to follow him as he waddled back to the house, concern etched on her beautiful face. He waved her away.
"Go, love. Ughh... don't miss the... arrghh... ceremony. I'll catch up."

Due to her excellent grades, Dolores was chosen as valedictorian. Her speech was not long, but to the point, as well as supremely insulting to each of the other graduates and every single Sim in attendance. She was voted "Most Likely to Take Over The World", a title she seemed to value more than her diploma. She cheered and celebrated, while most stood in shocked silence, still attempting to process the unsettling speech they had just heard.

Darwin did not manage to catch any of it, however. He was busy writhing in pain behind the house.

And all of the sudden, there he was. A baby boy. A green baby boy.

How was he going to explain this to his wife? Heck, Darwin still had no idea how to explain this to himself.
As he stood in the bedroom, getting lost in worries, he didn't even hear Clover entering.

"Your dream," she said blankly. It was a statement, not a question.
"Clover, I..."
But before he could lapse into stammered attempts to explain something he didn't understand himself, they were interrupted by noises from downstairs.

Bloom's time had come. Again.

Again, he embraced death. The Grim Reaper, now an old friend. Darkness enveloped him like a warm blanket as everything faded into the distance.

And again...

... the reunion with his love was denied.

A dry sob escaped Bloom as the familiar feelings came flooding back in.

Author's Notes:

Bloom... :,(

Also! I did not want Darwin to get pregnant from those pesky aliens! I even avoided collecting space rocks, but sometimes the dogs would pick them up and apparently that was enough. Darwin was abducted so many times, and this time around my fears came true. Ah well. One child roll and all.
But technically, it's only Darwin's child, and not Clover's (the heir) so maybe it's alright? Darwin and Clover both have the Good trait, so getting rid of the baby (Sending it back to its home planet or whatever. Basically deleting it.) did not seem like something they would do.


  1. Ouch! Poor Darwin! I have alien abductions modded out in my game. You could have used MasterController to destroy the pregnancy, I suppose. Or even count the kid towards the next generation's total children? Even a good person might not necessarily want to raise an alien-rape child. I'm sure you figured it out and it turned out fine though. (:

    Pesky pets. I have my game modded to not allow pets to scare the reaper away, too, lol. At least every expansion added something I had to destroy.

    Guessing Dolores rolled criminal. I'm wondering what's up with Dancer. Very curious.

    1. I guess I could have used MC, yes. But since it's a random legacy, I usually think I should just roll with it when something unexpected happens! The alien-rape child (ha! awesome!) went largely ignored most of the time though.

      I had no idea pets could do that until then! Poor Bloom was staying around for so long by that point. I almost wished I hadn't given him and Matilda death flowers, trying to make up for their lost time. Might have to look up that mod!

      I totally stole the evil unicorn idea from you. Even the font! Sorry haha :B

  2. I'm always sad when heirs die in a random legacy, but I really, really want Bloom to kick the bucket. At this point it's like torture for him. ;_;

    1. It was really sad ;_; I think he felt the same way too - whenever left alone he'd go and exercise until his 'water' motive (which replaces both hygiene and hunger for plantsims) was in the red and he was close to dying. I always noticed in time, but still D:

  3. Gosh. Poor Bloom. Every chance he's had to rejoin Matilda ruined by the pets.

    Oooh! Lol. What's the green nubbins name then?

    Layla was abducted countless times. It drove me batty until I modded it out. Along with burglars. Sheesh the burglars!

    1. Collectors can't get around being abducted it seems! At least females don't get pregnant from it XD

  4. Replies
    1. To be fair, I'm guessing that each one can only save a sim once, but since there were three doggos...