Saturday, September 3, 2016

Gen 5 Ch 15: Responsa-bubblies

"I can't believe you crashed our ship into the Intergalactic Counsel Building!" Faye was furious with her sister. "... AGAIN! They'll think you did it on purpose to avenge Princess Gravitronia. You might have just started an interplanetary war of colossal proportions!"

"Nuh-uh, it wasn't me," Fleur protested. "There was something weird going on with the cyberflux generator, I swear!"

"Yeah right," Faye hissed. "Next you'll tell me it was a gibbleflop again, huh?"

 "Spare me your sarcasm, please! I well aware that the last of the gibbleflops were exterminated in the Great Raid of the Plutonian Necropolis."

If only they knew how wrong they actually were...

Man, this was pure gold. Francis could already see it playing out on screen.

"Dad, I decided I'm going to be a screenwriter after I graduate. I don't want to slave away at a novel for years, pouring my heart and soul into it, only to have it butchered by some dilettante down the road. I'm lucky enough to live in Starlight Shores already, so with the movie industry at my fingertips, the most direct route is the obvious choice."

Rémy wasn't quite so sure about his son's reasoning, but since he and Evelyn always strove to be supportive parents, they offered Francis the use of the upstairs office as his own little writing nook.

 "Todd, come on, this is boring. Let's go do something," Fred urged.

"Shut up man, I'm tanning here." Todd's voice was muffled by the beach towel.

 "Besides," he added even more quietly, "I can't deprive those hotties of this awesome view. They both want me, I'm just giving them a chance to muster up the courage to come talk to me."

"Gross, dude! They're my sisters! Let's just leave, please!"

"Alright, alright, don't get your panties in a knot," Todd groaned as he got up and stowed his beach towel. "I guess I have to go to work soon anyway..."

"Wait, you've got a job?" Freddie was incredulous.

"Yeah, it's really chill though. Wanna tag along? It's at the arcade!"

"No way!" Fred's jaw dropped. "Seriously? That is so awesome!" He was totally in.

Todd's new job at the arcade ruled! He even got some chips he could use to play games for free, and he shared them with his friends. Fred and Larissa happily accepted Todd's generosity.

They were just in the middle of a game when Todd announced, "Come on, you guys. I've gotta show you something!"

They followed him upstairs to the part of the arcade they usually never visited. There were only some pool tables and sofas up here. Bo-ring!

"Ugh, Todd, why'd you drag us up here?" Larissa complained.

"Just shut up and get inside, quick!" Todd ordered, unlocking a shiny metal door.

"What is this place?" Fred wondered, following his friend through the door.

"It's a bubble bar!" Larissa exclaimed excitedly.

"Yeah, it's only for customers with special reservations," Todd boasted, "They drop a lot of cash for this stuff."

"Are you sure we're allowed to be in here?" Fred was worried.

"Yeah, trust me. It's all cool. Mr Kasmir doesn't mind me taking a break every once in a while." Todd sat down and grabbed one of the hoses protruding from the strange contraption. "Whatcha waiting for? A formal invitation? Come on!"

To be honest, Freddie wasn't so sure about this. It kind of felt like they weren't supposed to be in here at all. But when he watched Todd and Larissa's obvious relish as they blew out colorful bubbles, he didn't want to be left out.

He inhaled deeply and...


"This is great," Larissa coughed. "So smooth."

They had been at it for a while when Fred leaned his head back and stared vacantly towards the ceiling. "Whoa... plumbobs..."

"Say what?" Todd slurred.

"Plumbobs... they're floating over our heads," Fred explained.

 "You mean like The Great Plumbob?" Todd chuckled, "Dude, I never took you for the religious type..."

"No, I see them too!" Larissa piped up. "They're like little floaty diamonds... and we all have them! It's like... like we're connected. Like we're a group..."

"A group of what?" Todd was obviously more resilient to this stuff than his friends were.

"Responsa-bubblies..." Fred giggled.



Fred had no idea how much time had passed. He was getting kind of hungry, actually... maybe his Mom would make him some hot dogs if he went home now... mmh... hot dogs...

Fred was so lost in thought, he didn't even notice the man entering the room.

"Oh, hey, Mr Kasmir," Todd greeted casually.

Fred almost choked on his bubbles. "What?" Mr Kasmir? Like, your boss, Mr Kasmir?"

"It's cool," the man said, taking a seat. "Chill, dude."

Wow, Todd's new boss was so awesome!

After a while of bubble blowing and idle chatting, Mr Kasmir got up. "Well, I've gotta get back to it. You kids have fun. Todd, please don't forget to lock up afterwards, okay?"

"Sure thing, Mr K," Todd choked out. He had just been blowing a bubble through his nose!

"Thank you, sir!" Freddie managed, getting up. General politeness was just about the only thing his parents had been able to drill into his brain.

"You know, you're a chill bunch," Mr Kasmir continued. "As long as there's no customers around, the three of you are welcome to hang out here whenever. In fact, Todd, I might have a job for your friends as well, if they're interested." He turned a questioning gaze towards Fred and Larissa.

"Oh wow! Yes please, Mr Kasmir," Freddie blurted out. Man, free games at the arcade and getting paid for it? Heck yeah!

"Hey man, Mr Kasmir is my dad. Call me Anton," Todd's boss offered, flashing a wide grin.

The three friends followed Anton Kasmir downstairs and into a dark hallway behind the claw machines. When Anton unlocked a heavy door and walked through, the bright light spilling in stung Freddie's eyes for a moment.

They stepped out into a quaint little garden, completely surrounded by a tall brick wall. Right now though, the fresh air made Fred a bit nauseous.

"Have a seat." Anton gestured towards the lawn chairs arranged around a fire pit and the teens complied readily. The vacant looks on their faces suggested that Larissa and Todd were feeling as dazed as Fred was.

"Here, have some of these," Anton offered, handing each of the teens a bundle of something that looked like little wooden sticks, before bending down to light the fire pit. "It's licorice. This'll pep you up after all those bubbles."

Without a second thought Freddie shoved the strange stuff into his mouth and chewed happily. This was great! He didn't feel hungry or dizzy at all anymore. Instead he was alert and excited.

In the meantime, Anton had sauntered over to a corner of the garden and was busying himself with some plants there. He raised his voice a little to be heard over the increased distance. "Now about that job I have for you... I can't always be here, so it'd be totally radical if you dudes--" He paused briefly and turned towards Larissa. "--and dudette" he grinned charmingly and she smiled right back at him, "could take care of my little garden now and again."

"The plants don't need much," he continued, walking back over to them and handing each one a couple of herbs, "just a little water every once in a while. And of course you can help yourselves to anything you harvest."

"All I ask in return is that this stays our little secret, alright?"

It sounded like a pretty awesome deal.

I've been playing with hideheadlineeffects true for a long time now. For this upcoming generation I thought I'd turn them on again though! I always find it cute when people manage to include the random speech and thought bubbles in sims' conversations. It adds a certain light-heartedness I think, which is something this upcoming generation needs - otherwise things might run the risk of getting kind of dark.

And since we're in semi-spoiler territory already, being able to see the skilling bars will also help with the perfect children roll! o_o;;

Anton Kasmir just walked in on the kids at the bubble bar, so he got to be included in the story. :D

Thanks to Becky for pointing me towards the joinable bubble bar mod! I know Ceth is way too smart to hang with this bunch of goofballs here, but they'd like to thank her anyway <3


  1. Francis is pretty optimistic about his work not being butchered--that tends to happen even with screenplays.

    Wow, Larissa is cute!

    The bubble pictures are great! Anton looks like a cult leader, though, which concerns me (very Charles Manson-esque).

    I'm never brave enough to play with speech bubbles on. I don't think I'm clever enough to match everything to speech bubbles. But I loved the breaking of the fourth wall in your chapter--what if they realize they're sims? :o

    1. To be honest, from what we saw, I think Francis' work could use a little butchering... :D Haha no, I do imagine him to be a good writer for a teen, but it was easier and more fun for me to write that cheesy stuff at the beginning instead of something profound :D I had those random pics of the twins and it just happened :)

      Yikes, Charles Manson?! I was aware that Anton turned out looking quite sinister here, but that is... wow... He was mainly a random passer-by that turned into a convenient explanation for this whole hidden garden and bubble thing, but now I think I might need to bring him in again somehow.

      I don't know if I'll be clever enough to work in the speech bubbles either, but if anything I can always crop them out XD

  2. Haha, it's funny that Francis thinks that his work won't be judged if he's a screenwriter. If anything, it may even be a little worse as more people watch movies than read books (sadly).

    *narrows eyes* I'm rather sceptical of this job. I feel like something bad may happen to do with it, what with all the herbs and all the bubbles and everything.

    I too can't play with the speech bubbles. I'm not clever nor witty enough to add along a dialogue that matches them without it being completely random and wtf-ish xD

    1. Bubbles and herbs... not the best way to spend your time! Freddie choices have always been worrisome for his parents, that's for sure.

  3. Bubble Bar!!! Ceth + Bubbles= 4evah. And now Freddie can join in with herbs! Lol

    Oof! Perfect children. Ouchie. Good luck! I'd like to pretend I'm still guessing between Francis and Freddie for heir, but I think it's fairly obvious so... The thought of loose as a goose Freddie being the helicopter parent makes me smile.

    Did Larissa succeed in ousting Charity from Freddie's life then?

    1. Perfect children didn't turn out to be that terrible in the end! I play quite a bit ahead, and I'm almost done with them. I made a chart on paper where I can tick things off as they're accomplished to help me remember everything XD

  4. Wow, Mr Kasmir - I mean, uh, Anton - that is some wildly inappropriate behavior. Adults should not be giving herbs and bubbles to kids smh. But I like Freddie's story so far, he and his friends look like a lot of fun :D

    1. But where would the kids get their herbs from then? XD Haha sorry, you're right, the guy's a weird sleazebag.