Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gen 4 Ch 16: Things Ahead and Things Left Behind

 It was Trent's birthday. Usually not such a happy occasion for a Sim his age.

 But he felt like celebrating. His life may not have turned out the was he had imagined, but he was content. And in the end, that was all he had ever wanted.

Photography had been his profession, but not his only passion. He had also mastered athletics and martial arts, an accomplishment he was immensely proud of. The results still showed even in his old age (which is probably why he liked to walk around in his swimming trunks).

Dolores, in an uncharacteristically affectionate gesture, let him know that her feelings toward him had not changed. Whether they were feelings of love or possessiveness, she did not say. Perhaps they were one and the same for her.

 Trent had always laughed at her mocking comments, and she had respected him for that.

 Eric did not take after his father in this.

 The Empress of Evil had too many important things on her mind to let a teenage boy bother her.

 Dancer always knew how to cheer her up.

 They never grew tired of this.

One day she would see the statue burn.
Sure, with both the city's police and government in her pocket, it would have been easy for Dolores to just have the damn thing taken down.

But she had made a promise to herself.

 Plus, dramatic gestures were more her thing.

 Surely, the residents of Hidden Springs would never forget Dolores, the Empress of Evil.

And one day, there would be a statue of her likeness in this spot.

 Dolores returned home in a partying mood.

 She may be old now, but she still had all the energy of youth in her.

First, she decorated the house for summer and got some evil administrative work done.

There was always time to spare for Trent though.

The same could not be said for her daughters. The incident in the underground lair had broken their already strained relationship.

Unicorns and gnome armies.

More birthday parties! The distant cousin with too many Pertridge genes tried to spoil everyone's fun...

But Esteban was already on that!

Eric had the Brave trait, so he wasn't bothered by any of this.

Alright, Esteban. Another cake, another try.


A great way to be the center of attention when you have to share your birthday with two siblings!


Later that day, the triplets got ready to move out on their own. Evelyn did not understand how Emily and Eric still wanted to share a house with Esteban after what had happened in their mother's secret lair. It had to some weird special bond between triplets she would never be able to comprehend.

"So you're joining the police, huh?" Dolores grinned. "Might as well start working at my warehouse right away, boy. You'll be getting your paycheck from me either way."

Eric assured her that he would never ever be a dirty cop.

"My only reason for joining this career is to fight people like you! People who think they're above the law. I will work day and night to take you and your empire down. Wait and see."

Dolores found his threats laughable.

Emily, ever sweet, tried to leave things on a pleasant note.

 Dolores would not have it. She had been gravely disappointed by Emily's refusal to join The Organization and made it clear that she was no daughter of hers anymore.

Emily, being family-oriented and over-emotional, took that very badly.

 The doors of The Organization will always be open to Esteban, she assured him. He was the only one of her children who understood what it took.

 Esteban thanked her, but declined. His personal goals required a more traditional pursuit of evil - he was going into politics.

Dolores was so proud!

 And so they were off.

 All they left behind was a load of trophies.

 ... and a lonely little sister.

Author's notes:
Dolores actually rolled the wish to see Emily join the Criminal career. Just her though, and neither one of the boys! And then later, the same happened with Evelyn. Dolores is all about the girlpower.


  1. Great chapter! Guess this means Evelyn is the heir. I will miss Eric and Emily a little! Trent, you need a slap for just rolling over for all those sim years, lol.

    1. I keep writing these passive males! Poor Trent. His rolling over probably happened due to my ignoring him most of the time. I played around with the photography skill so much when I first got WA that I wasn't particularly interested in his freelance photographer roll. Plus, I was too busy setting things on fire with Dolores! 8D

  2. I love Esteban's evil little mustache. So cute!

    1. I wish there was one that curls at the ends :3

  3. 'Esteban's personal goals required a more traditional pursuit of evil - he was going into politics.' Lol!

  4. Lol - oh yeah - THERE'S her evil reign of terror! Unicorn fires! Oh Lord, I actually can't wait to see what craziness Esteban gets up to in politics!

    1. Esteban might have to be a little more subtle than this to make it in politics XD