Friday, January 8, 2016

Gen 2 Ch 10: Seeds

Back in Bridgeport, they were driven home from the airport in style.

Bloom was slowly starting to get used to having his own private limousine. It did make getting around this bustling city a lot quicker.

Life soon went back to normal. Their new apartment was right next to Bloom's workplace, which turned the commute to work each morning into a nice, short walk. He would never have thought it, but that little refreshing walk each morning really improved his work performance, and Bloom got promoted yet again.

The view from their terrace was amazing - even more so because Bloom got to enjoy it with his new wife!

He even started a little rooftop garden. Matilda hadn't been very interested in his greenleaf bush, but maybe plants with beautiful flowers such as chamomile and lavender he had picked up in Champs Les Sims would please her more.

With everything being so wonderful, there still was one thing nagging in the back of Bloom's mind. They had been back from their honeymoon for a while, and by now it was evident that even though they had been trying many, many, many times, Matilda still wasn't pregnant.

Bloom was looking at the family photos over his desk in the home office, when he remembered the gift his mother had given him on the night of his bachelor party. Carefully, he pulled out the bound book that contained his mother's concluding research notes on PlantSims. From then on, every free minute, he could be found pouring over them with a stern expression on his face.

Matilda spent most of her days painting. She looked so happy, but Bloom was determined to make her even happier.

One night, Bloom finally found what he had been looking for.

The answer lay in his little rooftop garden.

He picked out the best soil and fertilizers and prepared the planters with minute attention to detail.

When everything was perfect, he carefully placed three very special seeds into the soft dirt. He wasn't the skilled botanist that his mother had been, so Bloom figured that he should do everything to increase the chances of having just one successful harvest.

When Bloom's birthday rolled around, he got in his limousine once again and headed toward Plasma 501, where he had arranged to pick up his father. He wasn't quite sure why his father wanted to meet at a vampire lounge, though.

Arthur explained that Kaitlin had always wanted to sample the DNA of a real vampire, but she had sadly passed away before they could visit Plasma 501 together. That wass why Arthur had taken this opportunity of being in Bridgeport again to honor his beloved wife's memory.

He had come by car, of course, and insisted that Bloom leave his limo behind so they could ride in the old police cruiser.
"In memory of your dear mother, Bloom. She always got so excited to be in a real police car!"
Bloom kept quiet.

Together they headed to Banzai Lounge, where Matilda was already waiting for them.

Broccoli was there too, even though he had taken the wrong entrance and was on the other side of the building. Eventually he found his way.

And so Bloom aged into a fully mature adult! It was a quiet little party, but that was just to his liking. They had a few drinks, blew some bubbles and ordered food as the night progressed.

Matilda was obviously very embarrassed that she had ordered a salad in Bloom's and Broccoli's presence without thinking!

Time went by and things were good.

The city of Bridgeport was treating them well, and Bloom and Matilda Smart-Wyman had become a beloved celebrity couple.

They spent Matilda's birthday quietly at home. Usually Matilda loved partying, but Bloom suspected that her transition to middle-age wasn't a cause for celebration to her.

Bloom didn't mind. Even with a few more wrinkles, Matilda still looked as beautiful as ever to him.

"Oh Bloom, I love you so much. Our life together is so wonderful, don't you agree? I don't think things can get any better than this."

If she only knew! Things were about to get much better. He was about to tell her there and then, but kissed her instead to stop himself. Patience! Soon it would be time, and he didn't want to spoil the surprise. Bloom so loved to see the delight on Matilda's face when he surprised her!


  1. Lol. Silly Matilda eating a salad in front of her husband and his brother. xD

    Arthur still fondly remembering Kaitlin's enthusiasm 'for riding in his police car' is sweet. <3

    1. The thing is, they probably didn't mind at all XD